Mister Softee + Treats Truck Could = Delicious Ice Cream Sandwich

Saw this message on twitter from Miss Softee to the Treats Truck yesterday and it gave me a great idea! Two chocolate chip cookies from the treats truck, plus a squirt of soft serve from Miss Softee’s ice cream truck would make quite the awesome ice cream sandwich- don’t you think? Ideally this would be perfect on Tuesdays and Thursdays, when the Treats Truck is parked on 38th & 5th and Miss Softee is parked on 40th and 5th. But I suppose if you liked the idea enough you could walk from 45th and 6th (where the Treats Truck is parked today) to 40th and 5th.

I actually suggested this idea to Kim a couple of years ago as a way to smooth things over with the Mister Softee truck that parked on 45th and 6th (as you may recall, he wasn’t too excited when the Treats Truck showed up on the scene.) I think now it’s time to make this happen! Even if it isn’t officially endorsed, I’m sure that you could buy two chocolate chip cookies from Kim, walk them over the Miss Softee truck- and she would be more than happy to sell you a squirt of soft serve for a couple bucks.

Meet Queen Frostine: The Ladies of Mister Softee


  • Brownies and ice cream can work too. Just thicker and heavier sandwich.

    Cut a brownie in half or leave it whole and squirt some ice cream on.

  • “Miss Softee” is one of the Queen Frostine babes. They have no affiliation with the Mr Softee fleet. So why do you persist in referring to “Mr Softee” in the post headings when you mean the other trucks?

  • I have done this before using cookies not as awesome as Treats Truck (Au Bon Pain one time). This idea is amazing and you have no idea the glory that comes from it.

  • @stevenp – Miss Softee drives a Mister Softee Truck. Queen Frostine doesn’t own any of their trucks… they rent their trucks from a company in Queens (who owns both Mister Softee Trucks, and non-mister softee trucks).

    It’s much more convoluted than you think…

  • lol — thanks for the clarification, Zach. we ladies call ourselves Queen Frostine Ice Cream Girls, but I’m actually a real Mister Softee driver. hence, why I use the name Miss Softee. Punky is also a Mister Softee driver, while FluterScooter drives an independent truck. yes, it can be confusing.

    in more foodie news, have yet to hear from the Treats Truck if they’re interested in the pairing. just like the Desert Truck, they totally stood up my tweet for a trade that day! i know how busy we all get, so no biggie, but you guys have no idea how hard it can be sometimes to sit in a truck for 12 hours a day full of sweet things that i cannot possibly eat. when the urge hits, i find myself with a cup full of sprinkles, street pretzels dipped in the chocolate, and sometimes the special toppings mysteriously disappearing (as in the case of chocolate chip cookies). but, all that aside, i really hope that we can work out a co-op special soon or i’m going to have to start baking at night and ya’ll will just have to try MY treats!!

    <3 miss softee

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