Bobby Flay Beats Schnipper’s in Sloppy Joe Throwdown

Photo courtesy of wonderlustforlife

Throwdown’s obsession with Midtown Lunch continues… via Twitter: “At Schnippers in midtown (on 8th Ave. and 41st) and they’re filming a Sloppy Joe Throwdown with Bobby Flay”  No word on whether or not Bobby Flay is actually throwing down with Schnipper’s (Dessert Truck Style), or getting help from Schnipper’s for a sloppy joe throwdown with somebody else (Jamaican Dutchy style.)  In related news, the falafel Throwdown with Taim, in which Flay gets help from Kwik Meal (on 45th and 6th), is airing tomorrow night (5/20) at 9:30pm EST.

UPDATE via Twitter: “Didn’t get a picture but Bobby Flay won. I got a vanilla milkshake so technically a win for me too!”  Guess it was an actual throwdown…

Schnipper’s May Have the Best Mac & Cheese in Midtown


  • Flay needs to “throw down” and cook it off with a random shitty street meat vendor already.

  • Chicken & Rice throwdown with the Famous 53rd & 6th night cart. ;P

  • I want to see Jamie Oliver buggered by Gordon Ramsay…..whilst being whipped Mario Batali naked….then Anthony Bourdain shoots all 3 of the twats.

    Can you give me amen?

  • Rudy, I worry about you sometimes…. ;-P

  • Been a long day….im im still in my bloody office!

    Anyway i hate Batali with a passion.

  • Countdown til FN throws a hissy fit about this post. Didn’t you guys learn anything from the Dessert Truck throwdown?

  • How did he manage to put a completely unnecessary pepper into sloppy joe?

  • vdubjb did you get his recipe or something? chipotle pepper BBQ sauce with marinated chipotle beef on a chipotle herb bun with chipotle garnish and chipotle seasoned french fries.

  • Why the hell does anyone care whether Bobby Flay beats Schnipper’s at a sloppy joe-off? It’s not even a good place that’s famous for it’s outstanding sloppy joe. It’s just Schnipper’s.
    How desperate is Flay? Next week: who can make better tortilla chips — Flay or Doritos?

  • If Bobby Flay can’t beat Schnippers’ horrid sloppy joe, he should retire as a chef… i seriously can’t stop thinking about how horrible it was.

  • Nothing could be as horrid as the raw hamburger set to simmer with “Manwich” sauce that I was served some years ago at a correctional facility.

    Since then, even the thought of a “sloppy joe” sickens me.

  • I love Sloppy Joes. I just don’t love Schnipper’s version. I guess I’ll have to wait for the episode to see Bobby deconstruct the Schnipper Sloppy Joe for us to see why “he” thinks it’s worthy of a challenge.

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    Went to Schnippers and I got a free sloppy joe slider today. The bun was light as air (bad, in my opinion, I like bread products with some heft) and the sloppy joe tasted like it came from a can. It was really bland. I didn’t eat the whole thing, and I am glad it was free. If I had paid $6.50 for a full size version I would have been mighty pissed off.

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    Can anybody get me the actual recipe for Bobby’s Sloppy joes? I’ve been looking everywhere online. Lil help please. If you find out shoot me an email. Thanks much

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