Yushi Wants To Give You Free Conveyor Belt Sushi

You have to give Yushi (on 47th btw. Park+Lex) a bit of credit… although some of their stuff is a little overpriced, and healthy (read: flavorless) for my taste, I’m starting to like more and more of their offerings- and they are definitely trying. They are planning on opening their new conveyor belt to the public on Monday, but want to make sure they don’t suffer the same fate as Sakae Sushi (which was doomed by overpriced, mediocre food.)  They asked me to come try the new conveyor belt food, and give them feedback- but I don’t like taking free stuff from Midtown Lunch places. I will, however, take free food for my readers!  So I suggested they bring in some Midtown Lunchers for the free lunch “focus group”… and they agreed!

I know it’s late notice, but the free lunch is tomorrow (Thursday) at 12:30pm, and they’ve set aside 6 slots for Midtown Lunchers.  Available for lunch tomorrow?  Comment below why you should be chosen for the “focus group”, and you (and a guest) will be entered to win free conveyor belt lunch tomorrow at Yushi. (Make sure to include your email address so I can contact you.  It will not get published on the site.) The three winners will be contacted by 10 a.m. on Thursday morning. Please only enter if you will be available at 12:30pm tomorrow.


  • Having just moved back into the Midtown fold after a brief Brooklyn hiatus, and some other sushi conveyor experience, I’m a natural choice. And I didn’t get to go to SXSW this year; I need something to fill the void where the Kreuz Market should be.

  • @Nick: Nice Election reference.

  • So yeah, I actually went to sleep and came back to this having thought out legitimate reasons for why you should pick me.

    1) I’m a student, I’m poor, I have to do bento’s so I can *occasionally* do a nice midtownlunch
    2) I don’t really get to do the whole midtownlunch thing as much as I would like, since time doesn’t permit when you have class starting at 1 pm 75 blocks away
    3) Did I mention I’m really cheap? I run to work so I can save the metrocard fee…

  • I would also like to ad that my wife last night mentioned, “It has been a long time since we had really good sushi” We just moved not long ago and we also found out our favorite place in Westchester was closed. This would allow me to get a ton of surprise good husband points for a surprise lunch

  • I just want to add that one of my cats is now napping in a casserole dish that I put out. Pick me and STOP THE INSANITY!!! (I’ll volunteer to take Mamacita along if selected; drinks are on me.)

  • I love sushi. My boss loves sushi. Taking my boss to sushi would give me an edge. More-so than having to come in an hour and half early this morning to let in the electricians that had to do work in our server closet. *grumble grumble snore pass out*

  • stevenp, you sushi-guest poser – don’t you be stealing my bribe idea

  • Anyone win yet?

  • wayne, old pal, I’m actually a sushi-guest-bandwagoneer. Except that I threw drinks into the offer!

  • Thanks for entering everybody! The responses were all pretty valid, so I just drew the winners randomly. They’ve been emailed (although it was a bcc email, so if your email filters those out, be sure to check your junk mail.)

  • I don’t know any of the following, but I’d like to nominate Janelle, Jessica, Rudee McBagel or wayne (let them fist fight to figure out who goes), mamacita and blondie based on their eloquent reasoning on this thread, contributions to Midtown Lunch or just the fact their comments in the past have made me laugh loud at work.

  • So who won? Thanks of my wonderful reading comprehension skills, I neglected to include my email address, stupidly assuming that the winners were going to be posted on the site. Doh!

  • Dan: “Thanks of my wonderful reading comprehension skills…”??? Better add your wonderful writing skills to that list! ;^)

  • I am deeply disappointed that McBeagle was not selected. I had visions of his long greasy hair becoming entangled in the conveyor belt.

  • Well, I am not going to lie to you all. It was AMAZING!!!! I, and my guest, ate like Gluttons. First, I am a liberated pro-women, feminist/equalist guy… But the Staff— GOOD GOD!!! Food for the eyes, my friends, food for the eyes. The food on the conveyor was excellent—- I especially enjoyed the California Maki rolls, which were real crab, not that fake garbage. The Seared Tuna was melt in your mouth, the regular tuna excellent. The shrimp had little dabs of horse raddish on them…. Mmmmm. Also, they let us have anything from the hot menu, but it was a bit slow coming out so we only had the dumplings. Then, the dumpling machine broke, but the Pork Dumplings we had before that happened were so good. I love eating food in a Tapa’s style like that. Not as good as Dim Sum but fun. There was an organic chicken thingee served sushi style that I liked and another sate chicken type roll but that only came ’round once, at the beginning. Ohh, I should mention that the sea weed salad was BLECHH. My lunch companion got a hot green tea which was served in a diffuser pot. Looked great. All in all, we probably ate $80.00 worth of food and loved each bite. Except for the sea weed salad. They had 2 types of deserts too, a chocolate mouse and a white panacotta but I didn’t try those. Zach, thanks so much! Made my week.

  • Oh, I took a pic or 2, I will send to Zach. And I got to meet Rosie, also, which was way cool!

  • I second the California Maki rolls
    which were really more like spicy crab rolls with chives and cucumber.

    I was incognito ;-) But wayne met me, he only once touched my tuna (LOL)

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