Yushi Wants To Give You Free Conveyor Belt Sushi

You have to give Yushi (on 47th btw. Park+Lex) a bit of credit… although some of their stuff is a little overpriced, and healthy (read: flavorless) for my taste, I’m starting to like more and more of their offerings- and they are definitely trying. They are planning on opening their new conveyor belt to the public on Monday, but want to make sure they don’t suffer the same fate as Sakae Sushi (which was doomed by overpriced, mediocre food.)  They asked me to come try the new conveyor belt food, and give them feedback- but I don’t like taking free stuff from Midtown Lunch places. I will, however, take free food for my readers!  So I suggested they bring in some Midtown Lunchers for the free lunch “focus group”… and they agreed!

I know it’s late notice, but the free lunch is tomorrow (Thursday) at 12:30pm, and they’ve set aside 6 slots for Midtown Lunchers.  Available for lunch tomorrow?  Comment below why you should be chosen for the “focus group”, and you (and a guest) will be entered to win free conveyor belt lunch tomorrow at Yushi. (Make sure to include your email address so I can contact you.  It will not get published on the site.) The three winners will be contacted by 10 a.m. on Thursday morning. Please only enter if you will be available at 12:30pm tomorrow.


  • I think I should be chosen for this “focus group” because when I was in college I used to do temp work during the summer, and I worked in my fair share of factories. Factories use conveyor belts to make your job even more simple, repetitive and mind-numbing than it already inherently is. I think it’s time that a conveyor belt contributed some variety and excitement to my life.

  • I am a huge sushi fan, and have been a fan of your website for a while now. Also, in that vendrtv video I dont think you looked like a dork at all! I too am short so if you took a picture of the group you would look like a giant next to me.

  • As a regular denizen of middle east side (it’s a militarized zone) Japanese restaurant row, I am well suited to evaluate Yushi’s conveyer belt offerings.

    I have also past experience eating off a sushi-veyer in Illinois of all places.

    I have a cast of characters at my office who would be more than willing to accompany me.

    I will also eat Uni if it is on offer (which I doubt).

    Domo arigato Zach-san

  • I know the answer to the will a plane on a sushi conveyor belt be able to take off…

  • I am a bottomless pit of sushi eating. I will do you and your site proud.

  • Zach, old buddy, old pal

    Based on the firm I work at, my previous experiences at the original NY conveyor belt sushi place (Genroku, 35th & 5th) and my firm grasp of the English language I feel I am qualified to fill any openings you may have.

    I am also interested in the lunch.

    Being a chivalrous sort I will also give my guest slot to Mamacita but she has to promise to keep her hands to herself

  • I work at 51st and Lex, so I’ll be a frequent customer.

    I’m desperate for better Japanese food since Cafe Zest has started going downhill (and Dainobu isn’t better).

    If anyone starts shilling for the place, I’ll think of creative modifications of the word shill to accuse them thereof.

    I’m a discerning fan of sushi.

    I have a blogger friend in Japan who’s a big fan of kaiten sushi, and she’d be curious to know what it’s like in the US.

    I took two lessons of Pimsleur Japanese I.

    I’m a photographer, and can take great food-porn photos.

    I’m cute.

  • sadly, i will admit that although I am a foodie, I eat yushi about 4 days a week for lunch. I try to stay healthy during the week so I can indulge on the weekends, thus, eating yushi for lunch. I would love to be considered for the free lunch, as i’ve spent close to my life savings on lunch at this joint…..

  • Pick me because I’m jobless, can’t afford sushi, even flavorless sushi and I’m one of your #1 commenters. Plus I’ve taken my fair share of insults on this site (read: Steve and that term he used for me) so I totally deserve some free food!!!

    Did I mention I’m poor and jobless?

  • Sushi/Sashimi…………it’s all a bloody con!

    7 years to learn to chop fish?


  • Having eaten 45 pieces of sushi and 2 rolls in one sitting (53 pieces and 2 rolls while pocketing about 20 pieces worht of rice on another sitting), I think my palate is properly atuned to evaluate sushi and offer constructive criticism to the owners of Yushi. Not only do I have Sushi Twist right under my building, but I am 4 blocks away from Koreatown, where I regularly purchase sushi grade fish by the pound. Moreover, I used to go to the conveyor belt sushi place on 3rd ave and 27th at least once a week, and have tried everything they’ve offered, at least once. Even the Nano, which is the most hideous tasting fermented bean poop I’ve ever been confronted with. I promise that I will attempt to ingest anything put in front of me, and will do my best not to regurgitate or otherwise have a “roman incident.”

  • Natto, Goats – it’s Natto. I like it. Almost as much as UNI

  • Humans should not be relegated to eating off conveyor belts.

    That’s just a bit Orwellian for my taste.

    But you New Yawkers are a different breed altogether, aren’t you?

  • oh man, that place is far away from me. poo.

    otherwise i would say that sushi is a nice break from all the peanut butter and jelly that i eat for lunch three/four days a week.

  • Did I mention I’ll also offer to write this up for you?? eh? Eh? Free labor??
    Shameful, I know….

  • Zach,
    This is my first time posting a comment so you know sushi cuts to the core of me. I don’t even need to bring a friend, because frankly I don’t think I have any. I am willing to try this out solo. I have been to Sushi Yasuda which is hands down the best sushi in NYC and I think I can be a fair and educated judge for this current sushi craze with a “conveyor belt”. Please make my dreams come true and I’ll bring you an artichoke slice from the pizza parlor of the same name.

  • <….slips Mama 50 quid.

  • Being the full-blooded Korean I am, I feel it is only fair to get some payback from the Japanese for their wartime atrocities towards my country – hence I put myself forward as a candidate for your ML sushi lunch taste test. What better way to avenge my ancestors than filling my belly with their enemies’ raw fish? (For any who could not discern, the aforementioned comments were all in jest.)

    I cannot think of any better way to spend my lunch hour than with a bunch of similarly-minded sushi fans and one of my favorite bloggers, Zach! And even if you don’t pick me, I’ll still read your blog. No hard feelings.

  • Jason– totally agree with Cafe Zest going downhill! I heard they have a new name now, if how the place has been for the past couple of weeks is a reflection of the new management, I am very very upset… That was my spot!

    This place is basically in my building and I have yet to try it, I’d love to have an excuse to…

  • ME ME ME ME!

    I enjoy reading about food. I also eat it quite a bit.

    ME ME ME ME!

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