Yushi Wants To Give You Free Conveyor Belt Sushi

You have to give Yushi (on 47th btw. Park+Lex) a bit of credit… although some of their stuff is a little overpriced, and healthy (read: flavorless) for my taste, I’m starting to like more and more of their offerings- and they are definitely trying. They are planning on opening their new conveyor belt to the public on Monday, but want to make sure they don’t suffer the same fate as Sakae Sushi (which was doomed by overpriced, mediocre food.)  They asked me to come try the new conveyor belt food, and give them feedback- but I don’t like taking free stuff from Midtown Lunch places. I will, however, take free food for my readers!  So I suggested they bring in some Midtown Lunchers for the free lunch “focus group”… and they agreed!

I know it’s late notice, but the free lunch is tomorrow (Thursday) at 12:30pm, and they’ve set aside 6 slots for Midtown Lunchers.  Available for lunch tomorrow?  Comment below why you should be chosen for the “focus group”, and you (and a guest) will be entered to win free conveyor belt lunch tomorrow at Yushi. (Make sure to include your email address so I can contact you.  It will not get published on the site.) The three winners will be contacted by 10 a.m. on Thursday morning. Please only enter if you will be available at 12:30pm tomorrow.


  • I’ve never had sushi (well only veggie sushi), I think this would be a good first time!

  • You should choose me because I’m 6’4″…

  • Are you kidding me?! You must pick me and I’ll tell you why. For 3 years I was subjected to working in 3 World Financial in the Financial District. The place is on the wrong side of the west side highway which means for most of the year I was forced against my will to eat lunch in the tourist trap of a building. Since all the rich bankers work there, 10$ was considered the norm for lunch there. Once again, I was subjected to eating the blandest burrito EVER from Blockheads. Just thinking about it gets me angry. Their lunch specials for 9 dollars. Next, I went on a COSI diet for about two months because I didn’t know better lunch options existed. Since I discovered Midtown Lunch my inner fatty and cheap guy has come alive. After I got sick of COSI, I was SUBJECTED once again to try Yushi for about a month. That’s right a straight month of Yushi, trying everything from Udon, lunch specials, rolls, and averaging a cool 10$ Sometimes I even splurged and spent up to 15 dollars getting their high-end stuff. I even have the Yushi card to prove it. If there’s anyone who deserve some sort of pay back from Yushi, it should be me! Thanks for listening. Midtown Rules!

  • This is not an eating contest, it is a tasting contest. It is to find quality over quantity. It is also a time for someone who can articulate what they eat to the millions of MidtownLunch fans. What better person to do this then someone who most resembles Zach? I can say that I am truly the one to handle this task. I am a big guy who went to school in New Orleans, I live and work in Midtown, and have sent numerous people to this blog to find the very best places in midtown for lunch. I am also willing to enter as a single to allow a fellow ML’er to join in on the tasting.

    What a great experience for lunch before getting entangled into watching basketball the rest of the day. Thanks Zach!

  • Conveyor belts helped me overcome my cautious attitute towards sushi. Everything coming down the line looked so good, I just kept taking and have loved sushi ever since.

    Been reading ML for years and always reference it in convos, gchats, emails, telepathy. Twitter too. This website has changed my lunch life (maybe if I meet another attractive Midtown Lunch’er over Yushi it will also change my love life).

    Oh yeah, and I work down the block.

  • Pick me because I like sushi and eat a lottttt, so I could really take advantage of this. Mamacita will vouch for the amount of food I can put away, like on the night of three dinners.

  • Also I went to Legends for the sake of ML Happy Hour. That seriously sucked.

    Also I’m trying to get out of this performance I’m doing and could use a good case of mercury poisoning, what better way than eating tons of free sushi?

  • Because starting in a week, I’m going to be staffed on a project for the next 3 months, where it’s unlikely I’ll be seeing the light of day, let alone taking the time to eat lunch at a restaurant. Copious amounts of conveyor belt sushi would be the greatest possible send-off before a hiatus from interesting lunches.

  • Zach,

    I in no way deserve free sushi. Please pick me. My co-worker and I read your blog constantly to decide where we should eat lunch everyday. Sushi sounds like it would be a nice treat for tomorrow and so if you pick me that would be great.

  • When I was in highschool, I used to assemble handtrucks for a distribution company. Later I would graduate to boxing sorters, pickers and various conveyor equipment for shipping. I even designed the company’s short-lived mascot: “Rolly the Conveyor Roller”.

    While many here bring years/pounds of eating experience, I think I could add much needed engineering perspective to this moving fish bonanza. After all, without conveyors, this would just be high priced healthy sushi sitting still.

    Also I work at 47th and Lex…

  • Pick me, I’m dumb as an ox and twice as ugly.

  • I should be a candidate because:

    1) I’ve only posted one review on the site (Certe’s cajun catfish) and you seemed to agree with it pretty solidly in your official review.

    2) I’m willing to miss the first NCAA tourney games for it, so I must be excited.

    3) I work down the street (45th and 5th) so potential for regular customer.

    Adequate food reviewer + excitement + proximity = prime candidate!

  • @ Wayne=–my bad–NATTO! YUCK!!!!! But for the sake of ML, I will inhale it by the pound if need be, should I be blessed enough to be chosen!

  • I work 2 blocks away, I get about 5 minutes to grab lunch everyday, which gives me a 3-4 block radius max and leaves most of the midtownlunch offerings painfully out of reach. This would give me an excuse to have a civilized sit-down lunch and find out if yushi is worth patronizing beyond their soups (which I do enjoy from time to time). I live vicariousy through midtown lunch, allow me to live it for real if only for one day!

  • That’s a very nice offer, Zach.

    I’m afraid I can’t accept unless I know with 100% certainty that a nameless non-fair haired food blogger will be in attendance.

    But thanks for asking, appreciated.

  • To Whom it May Zach-
    I should be chosen for this because I have never experienced conveyor belt sushi before (alas, Sakae Sushi was closed by the time I made it over). I also have similar aforementioned pros by working close to the joint (42nd and Madison) and eating sushi nearly every day (thank you for spreading the good word of the 41st trifecta). I’ll also offer enthusiam, a write-up and this picture of Jackie Chan: http://www.jackiechankids.com/images_2/Sun_sushi_1.jpg.

    In a shameless ploy, I’ll also offer myself up to the dog-eat-dog profiled midtown luncher pool.


  • This recession has hit me pretty hard. While I was only a temp to begin with, I soon got a pay cut once the economy tanked. Add to that the fact that I recently started getting NYC taxes withheld from the my paycheck along with a really crappy weekly deduction for health insurance that is more for show than anything else. I never get to eat lunch out anymore, I bring it every day except for once a week when I meet my friend and enjoy a meal that someone else made. This day happens to be Thursdays. So it would be great if we (or at least I haha) could enjoy sushi that was not only prepared by someone else but conveyed via conveyor belt. It would make my day. Hell, I don’t care if the sushi is flavorless or too healthy, I’ll give it an honest chance and truly enjoy every minute of it. I (lots of other people are emphasizing this so I will too) also work 2 blocks away. Free and convenient are my 2 middle names.

  • As a profiled Midtown luncher (not as Pickled Herring though) with a soft spot for sushi and other japanese delicacies, I think I can give a pretty fair review. Here is a recent one I did on menupages for example. I am Anon in Midtown: http://www.menupages.com/restaurantdetails?restaurantid=4790

    and so the mystery of who is Pickled Herring continues…..

  • I see, I have some serious competition out here. I’m pulling out the big guns! (calm down wayne, not those)

    I should be chosen because I love sushi and can give my honest and learned appraisal. I recently had some of the best sushi in Brooklyn (Blue Ribbon) and can actually help these Yushi guys out.

    Second, later in the afternoon tomorrow I need to go with the wife of my dearly departed friend in search of a memorial space. Which will be an extreme bummer. So a free sushi lunch would be nice to cheer me up.

    Lastly, I may be hungover tomorrow and something about fresh sushi and wasabi really help me get over “la cruda.” I have no idea why, maybe it’s like spicy pozole is good for hangovers? Plus, IT’S CONVEYER BELT SUSHI, how freaking cool is that!!!!!

  • I’d like to be selected for 2 reasons.
    1. I’m not an asshole
    2. I don’t keep writing

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