Yushi Wants To Give You Free Conveyor Belt Sushi

You have to give Yushi (on 47th btw. Park+Lex) a bit of credit… although some of their stuff is a little overpriced, and healthy (read: flavorless) for my taste, I’m starting to like more and more of their offerings- and they are definitely trying. They are planning on opening their new conveyor belt to the public on Monday, but want to make sure they don’t suffer the same fate as Sakae Sushi (which was doomed by overpriced, mediocre food.)  They asked me to come try the new conveyor belt food, and give them feedback- but I don’t like taking free stuff from Midtown Lunch places. I will, however, take free food for my readers!  So I suggested they bring in some Midtown Lunchers for the free lunch “focus group”… and they agreed!

I know it’s late notice, but the free lunch is tomorrow (Thursday) at 12:30pm, and they’ve set aside 6 slots for Midtown Lunchers.  Available for lunch tomorrow?  Comment below why you should be chosen for the “focus group”, and you (and a guest) will be entered to win free conveyor belt lunch tomorrow at Yushi. (Make sure to include your email address so I can contact you.  It will not get published on the site.) The three winners will be contacted by 10 a.m. on Thursday morning. Please only enter if you will be available at 12:30pm tomorrow.


  • As an early-adopter, sushi eater, I have almost 15 years of experience with sushi of all levels from around the country.

    And I have made my own sushi for about 10 years. I mean… come on… I make it at my desk at work.

    I also like trying a lot of variety, and have a very critical palate. I do have very little experience with conveyor belt sushi though (read:none), so it will be a new, interesting experience to evaluate.

  • A lot of people have given some great reasons for being chosen to participate above. I can offer a lot of the same, from my love of sushi to my being an early in Mid-Town Lunch’s career Tuesday Profile. I can mention my emailed updates of Waffle Carts, treat trucks and Cosi Coupons…

    Instead, I will appeal to your pity. I have been on Weight Watchers since November 30th 2008. I have lost 25 pounds, so far, and I am shooting for another 25-35 by December. While I was once able to sample all of the delectable treats profiled, sadly, I cannot anymore. I haven’t even had one of the awesome looking mid-town lunch challenge sandwiches. Yes, I can still get a salad from the Healthy and Halal cart… but a cheese steak from El Rey Del Sabor? Alas!!!!

    Sushi is one of the foods we dieters can eat. We can eat a lot of it, too. Plus, once per week you get 35 “points” to spend on a splurge or extras. I offer to bring those 35 points+. I’ll eat veggies for dinner and egg whites for breakfast to Maximize my Eating Potential.

    Let me spend my 35 points with you.

  • 1) Although I will be in Queens tomorrow (I work in both Midtown and Queens) and I’m supposed to be at a meeting at 12:15, if I am chosen, I will make up an excuse to skip my meeting and head back to the City pronto.

    2) Free food is very important to me. Since discovering your site several months ago, I’ve collected free food from Crumb, Godiva, and Chipotle (multiple times).

    3) I promise to eat anything that they serve at Yushi if asked (even if they serve “Beantown” sandwiches). Please don’t invite one of those losers who only eats tuna, salmon, and yellowtail.

    4) If chosen, I will submit myself to public ridicule by filling out one of those Midtown Luncher profiles.

    5) If chosen, I will attempt to convince my buddy from Japan to come with me. (The first and last time I went to a sushi place with him, he asked the waitress what fish they had just put in front of him. She said tuna. He was like, “Oh.” As in, the tuna looked so awful to him that he couldn’t quite believe it was tuna. The next day he told me, “I’m kind of glad I’m still here.”) I’m also willing to go solo in case you want to spread the wealth.

    6) No one said this was as an all-you-can-eat lunch, so I don’t know why people keep talking about how much they can eat. But in case you do care: I’m not the world’s biggest eater, but after one large sushi dinner, a waitress couldn’t help but say to my wife and me (in a non-humorous way), “Wow. I can’t believe you finished all that.”

    7) I also grew up in South Florida and used to live in California. Viva el Pollo Tropical! Viva la Baja Fresh! I’ve also been to Japan twice, primarily as a food-tourist.

  • Ok ok,I’ll do it.

  • Sumitomo Life – Need I say more? I am VP for sales and marketing and regularly take my clients and prospects to the best sushi places in town; that have been shown to me by the Japanese rotational staff.

    Oh, and I can write well, too.

  • I deserve free sushi because I’ve got a really bad head cold and need some wasabi, stat. Also though I am a veg, I eat fish, because fish are just vegetables with eyes. screw you PETA, I don’t buy your ‘sea kittens’ thing.

    Actually I vote you pick wayne and jessica. Jessica’s reasoning is great. And wayne is going to get his old doc martens and braces out for a photoshoot with the sushi, so…

    Also Mamacita! You’re jobless? Damn, girl! My condolences! Let me know when that Brooklyn Stoop Happy Hour is happening! I’ll bring the box wine!

  • I should be part of the focus group because I know sushi, I’ve known good sushi and bad sushi. I am a great conversationist and avid food critic, so I’m capable of giving constructive feedback.

    And I’m cute, and funny.

  • Sarah….no invite?

    I married an American and moved her here therefore civiliazing her and robbing the IRS of a Harvard law grads tax.

    For that alone it should be me, although, Sarah……….sniff….it’s over.

  • you can come to the stoop party too, rudy, but you have to bring decent fish and chips. better?

  • You should pick me because
    1) 6 2″ 255. I’ll get full value.
    2) I can bring a nice camera
    3) I’ve dined on conveyor belt sushi in Tokyo.
    4) I’ll eat natto on a dare
    5) I’ve dined on sushi on Long Island. So I KNOW both good and bad sushi
    6) I’ve eaten sushi that was still kicking in Kyoto.
    7) Did I mention full value?
    8) I’ll bring you a Walgreens sandwich as a bribe.
    9) This is at least one or two more reasons than anybody else.

  • When you profiled me a couple weeks ago, I clearly mentioned my love for Japanese food… don’t deny me the privilege Zach…

  • Ok.. I need to get at least two more than anyone else…
    10) I’ll bring an unemployed friend
    11) I’ll drop my little camera on the conveyor belt in video mode to check out the kitchen james bond style, then post the video on youtube with a sound track of the peanut butter jelly song and get 50,000 hits in 12 minutes.

  • I just started working in midtown so I think the experience of a good filling meal will benefit my on the job performance. Often times after a meager slice of pizza or a sandwich I am left wanting more, but I cant afford to spend to much… When I found out about your site only a week ago I was so happy. I’ve already been to Certe, Schnipper, Lazzara, and the 38th St. Restaurant & Bakery. Even if I dont win the free lunch, your website has been extremely convenient and helpful

  • I am fat and cheap. I will also bring a hot Asian chick with me to distract from my gluttony.

  • I’ve taken long lunches and traveled to the far reaches of Midtown for lunch with you; this is around the corner. and B) if you don’t, I won’t put up any Midtown content next week while holding up the internets alone. and 3) I’ll bring Mamacita (brownie doesn’t get to take lunch until friday when she gets on a plane and abandons me!)

    oh, and because you know I’m awesome and a good lunch mate and will say “this is sh*t”

  • Not entering because I just can’t compete. I just want to offer a 2nd nom for Janelle and Jessica. No I don’t know them — I just thought their entries really stood out above the rest.

    It’s also cool because they’re not playing the no-holds-barred / bribery / extortion / sob-story / blackmail card. That still leaves you three seats to shield yourself from the wrath of those who are. :)

    Good luck sorting through this mess.

  • ZACH- pick me! I was exiled from my Midtown office and am now working from home. My daily companions are my 2 cats, and they’re starting to look tasty…. So I really need to get out and eat a decent meal with human diners. Plus, I will certainly write up a detailed assessment of the experience at no charge.

  • Who cares about this stupid meal? We all know it doesn’t matter who gets chosen. Do you really think it’s going to change anything around here; make one single person smarter or happier or nicer? The only person it does matter to is the one who gets picked. The same pathetic charade happens every year, and everyone makes the same pathetic promises. So pick me, because I don’t even want to eat sushi.

  • Sarah and Rudy: Summer Brooklyn stoop party. I’ll even show you, Rudy, what real Brooklyn pizza should taste like ;-)
    Blondie will bring dessert!

  • I am a Japanese American. I have been to Japan and eaten real kaitenzushi, aka conveyor belt sushi, many times at various places. If chosen, I can compare Yushi to the true Japanese conveyor belt sushi experience. If it’s good, I will make sure to bring back friends and blog about Yushi.

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