Biryani Cart & Treats Truck Are People’s Choice at The 2008 Vendy Awards!

2008 Vendy Awards

5 vendors battled it out at the Fourth Annual Vendy Awards on Saturday night, and for the second year in a row, a Midtown cart was the crowd favorite, but failed to take home the Vendy Cup. Last year it was Kwik Meal… this year the Biryani Cart. Despite putting forward an amazing effort, and getting the most votes from the largest Vendy Award crowd ever, the Biryani Cart lost to the Soho based Calexico Cart- who were awarded the Vendy Cup by the tastebud-less distinguished judges. Kwik Meal was the judges’ pick for runner up.

2008 Vendy Awards

I don’t want to say Meru and the Biryani Cart were robbed… but I kind of think the people’s choice award says it all. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Calexico Cart- and if they ever decide to move their burrito cart from 25th & Park into Midtown proper, I will be the first one in line for one of their awesome carne asada burritos. But man did I want the Biryani Cart to take the whole thing… and based on the plate of food they served- they really should have.

Food porn, dessert award and more, after the jump… 

2008 Vendy Awards

I was kind of worried about which Biryani Cart would show up to the Vendy’s, and I have to say they didn’t disappoint. They served tastes of their three most popular items- the kati roll, biryani, and chicken tikka masala- and all were delicious.

2008 Vendy Awards

Kwik Meal gave you a choice between lamb, chicken, or falafel on pita. As always, it was good… but clearly not good enough to put them over the top.

2008 Vendy Awards 

On the sweet side of things, the Dessert Vendy (which was voted on by the people) went to Kim from the Treats Truck, who beat out the Dessert Truck and the Van Leeuwen Ice Cream truck (Wafels and Dinges was mysteriously absent.)

2008 Vendy Awards

The Treats Truck brought mini versions of all of their awesome sweets

2008 Vendy Awards

And the Dessert Truck served up their amazing pumpkin custard (along with their chocolate bread pudding and a few other things.)

2008 Vendy Awards

All in all it was an amazing event, and every vendor served up some amazing food. Keep in mind, the Vendy’s are just one day out of the Street Vendor Project’s year. They can always use help in their fight to defend the street vendors of NYC. For more info, you can go to

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  • It was really a great event. I was really surprised that Biryani didn’t win. They seemed to be the favorite with the people I spoke to. They offered a huge perfectly cooked portion and were all smiles on the line. The Calexico folks did offer some made-to-order items like the sautéed mushroom tacos for veggies so maybe that factored in.
    I was told Waffles and Dinges truck broke down that morning and that may have been the case since they weren’t outside Fairway on Sunday afternoon.

  • The Biryani Cart might be great to all but to me, they’re the only nominated cart to ever make me have to take Pepto Bismol after I ate.

  • I dunno,

    The Biryani was good, but the creativity and incredible taste of Calexico won me over. A deserved win I say.

  • I’m not surprised Biryani didn’t win. They have a few things to work on still.

  • Yay Treats Truck! Congratulations, Kim!

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