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Your First Look at the Steak & Crepes Cart


I don’t know about you, but Cheesesteaks and Crepes aren’t the most obvious combination to me. In fact, it seems a little weird. To be honest, when Brian reported on the new Steak & Crepes cart hitting midtown a little while back, it seemed a little goofy.Then the cart showed up in front of my office on 46th Street last week and curiosity got the better of me.

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Num Pang’s Batali Pang Gets Us Excited For the Next Celebrity Sandwich


As posted last month (and printed here in the store), Cambodian Sandwich shop Num Pang started serving the Batali Pang last month, a special sandwich designed by Molto Mario himself. Served only until March 15th, the proceeds from the sandwich sales go to a Cambodian children’s charity and the Food Bank. With less than ten days left before the sandwich is gone forever, I stopped in to check it out.

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Cer Te’s Gobsmacker is Deceivingly Filling

Last week we announced the debut of Cer Te’s February sandwich special, The Gobsmacker. With a name like that (freedictionary’s definition of “gobsmacked” is “utterly astounded”), the bar is set high. Cer Te has had a pretty good track record with its Sandwiches of the Month thus far, so how did this one stack up?

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Crave Sandwiches Is Now Open On 43rd

Last summer we spotted construction on 43rd street for Crave Sandwiches, and now the sandwich (and salad) spot is open for business. The menu is divided into classic and traditional sandwiches — which seems kind of redundant, if you ask me — but all of these substantially-sized sandwiches are under $10.

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Cer Te’s Feb Sandwich is “The Gobsmacker”

Well, it’s a new month (where did January go??), which means it’s Sandwich of the Month time from Cer Te (on 55th btw. 5+6th). This month’s beauty is “The Gobsmacker.” Here’s the kicker: it’s not just a sandwich, it’s a combo consisting of Rich Irish Stew With an Aged Cheddar Grilled Cheese w/Horseradish for $8.95. Stew AND grilled cheese? Let me get my coat! The sandwich debuted on Monday and will be available through the month of February. Early adopters, let us know how it is in the comments!

Certe, 20 W 55th St (btw 5+6th), 212-397-2020

Salume’s Kiosk Can’t Take The Cold

The inevitable happened: it got cold. When the flimsy Salumè kiosk opened last summer, I wondered what would happen to them come winter. Well, here we are, and now that we’ve had a couple days of frigid weather, they appear to be wondering the same thing, because they’ve gone missing. But let me back up a sec.

On December 24, Salumè tweeted that their kiosk was moving due to the holiday festivities. That makes sense — the other kiosks also moved around a bit, too, as they did during Thanksgiving. But, while everyone else is back in their rightful spots (actually, Snack Box has moved down the block from 47th to 46th street, FYI), Salumè is nowhere to be found…

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$2 (6-inch) Subs at Subway: Another fast food deal. Apologies. But since we're all saving up for holiday gifts, we sometimes have to take what we can get. Subway is offering $2 6-inch meatball or cold cut subs for the month of December, which it has dubbed Customer Appreciation Month. Cheapskates and haters of all things delicious and right, engage!

Num Pang Launches Their Fall Specials

Num Pang (which has a Midtown location on 41st btw. Lex+3rd) recently unveiled its new Fall specialty items, so naturally I hightailed it over to check them out. I set my sights on the Roasted Fig sandwich ($8.25 + tax): Kadota figs, chilis, bacon, chili mayo and the usual veggie suspects of cucumber, pickled carrots, and cilantro.

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Are Salume Kiosk’s Cheese Sandwiches Worth Ordering?

Part of what we do at Midtown Lunch is try the stuff you don’t want to and let you know if it’s worth your time. Enter the non-meat sandwiches at the Salume kiosk in Times Square. While checking whether Snack Box had opened (it had not), I passed by Salume this afternoon. I couldn’t help but wonder why in the world anyone would order off the vegetarian menu at a store that clearly prides itself on its authentic sliced and cured Italian meats.

So, I ordered two.

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Good Nature Deli Offers Hot Pork on Pork Action

Good Nature Deli looks so generic on the outside that most people probably don’t even notice it when they walk by. I went in randomly one day when I needed to grab a soda and I was extremely surprised at what I found. It may look like just your average corner bodega, and it’s one avenue out of bounds.  But Good Nature Deli has some surprises within…

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