Crave Sandwiches Coming Soon to 43rd

Crave Sandwiches on 43rd St

Last week a stroll past the old Hagstrom Map place on 43rd (btw 5th+6th) revealed signage for a new sandwich shop opening in the space. An internet search yielded nothing save a new placeholder website. Hopefully it won’t be too expensive (like the STK opening across the street), and there won’t be any issues with the vendors on the corner (aka don’t you dare mess with Trini Pak or El Rey del Sabor). Anyone with any info, feel free to enlighten us in the comments.


  • I miss that map store. In the days before GPS and smartphones, I went over there before every roadtrip. If I recall, there was an electric razor store nearby where I used to shop for replacement parts. Wow, I really sound like my grandfather now.

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    looks like the trademarks are registered to Tom Gialamboukis of “Goodburger” fame…..

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    It’s open! And delicious. You can tell they paid a lot of attention to detail using fresh meats and beautiful breads. I literally almost had an eney-meney-mino-mo moment before placing my order, everything looked so good! I paid $9 for a sandwich I’ll eat for 2 days!

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