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Try the Fried Cutlets from the Flying Deutschman Food Truck

Standing in front of the giant food truck painted like a pirate ship and called the Flying Deutschman, you might not guess what exactly it is that the serve. But printed menus, just like a restaurant, show a German menu equipped with fried cutlets and wursts.

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How to Prepare the Perfect Polish Picnic from Port Richmond

When I feast in Port Richmond, I tend to hit the same places; my beloved Syrenka and New Wave Cafe, with a stop at Krakus Market for groceries.  I forced myself to branch out and give some other, equally homey Polish stops a try. First, we checked out M & M Restaurant, a Polish diner. The older woman behind the long counter first told us they were only serving breakfast at the moment; I am pretty sure my face fell a little.  I didn’t come here for scrambled eggs. Then she quickly added, “Oh, I can make you some pierogies if you like?” The answer to that is always yes. And my smile came back.

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Lunch Links (The “Philly Loves Hawaiian and Korean Trucks ” Edition)

  • Reader’s picked Poi Dog as the 2014 Best Food Truck [Philly Mag]
  • This cross country BBQ seeker says South Street’s Phoebe’s is the pits [The Insider]
  • A new Korean truck is coming and the tempting menu of course includes a bulgogi cheesesteak [Zagat]
  • Zagat also has this very handy and in depth comparison of some of Philly’s fast food burgers [Zagat]

Pick Up the Chicken Wings, Mac & Cheese, and Chocolate Handpies at West Philly’s Wishbone

I enjoy chicken, but I really love fried chicken.  When the quick stop fried chicken spot opened last fall in University City, I had every intention of scooting over there. I took me a little while, but I finally got there. Fried chicken, served as boneless white or dark meat or as wings is ready under a heat lamp for $8.95 a pound. Chicken sandwiches, sides, desserts, and  funky sodas make up the rest of the menu.

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A Quick Steam Table Stop at Thai Singha House To Go

The Thai food scene in Philly is largely homogenous: decent, but not mind blowing food, with a 3 course special during lunch time. Take out spot Thai Singha House To go is a little different; its homier. The price of lunch from the steam table meal hasn’t changed since the place opened 5 years ago.

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Lunch Links (The “Outdoor Curds and Fast Food BBQ” Edition)

  • A Thai-Mexican spot is coming to South Street!!! [The Insider]
  • An interview with the team being Matt & Marie’s suggests more sandwich shops to come []
  • The food at newly opened Independence Beer Garden looks quite good, especially the fried items [Zagat]
  • Brian Freedman agrees that fast food BBQ can be pretty good [Phila Weekly]

Now You Can Lunch Along with Me: Philly Food Adventures

I am really excited to share my latest project with you: Philly Food Adventures. Instead of only sharing my journeys to find delicious food around the city via writing and pictures, now I also want to bring you right to it.  I have started with the Chinatown Food tour, a 2 hour excursion with about 5 stops and amazing snacks at each. To learn more, check out my brand new website. Group tours can be purchased on Sidetour, but private or custom tours can be scheduled with me directly.