Dickey’s Barbecue Pit on South Street

At the end of February, Philly’s South Street saw the arrival of Texas BBQ chain Dicky’s.  When I walked in the staff was really friendly and attentive to all customers, some real southern hospitality to set the mood. The small space clearly has a fast food vibe to it,  so it was hard to be super optimistic about what sort of bbq they were packaging up for our to-go order. On the other hand, Dickey’s has its Texas roots and some smokers in the back.  There are 9 types of meat on Dicky’s menu. We sampled 4 and found a clear winner.

If you are sharing, you can try the 3 meat plate for $13, that comes with a a few ounces each of any of 3 of the bbq meats, a roll, and 2 sides.

To my surprise, I didn’t abhor any of the meats we tried. The  St Louis style ribs were  not very meaty but had a a nice sweet sauce on them.  The pulled pork also had a good flavor, but was dry and needed a plop of bbq sauce. The best of the 3 in this plate was the sliced beef brisket. Obviously this is no Franklin’s, but it had a real smokey flavor and a good balance of fat throughout.

For our side, the mac and cheese was bland and disappointing. The Baked Potato Casserole was a bit bitter better- a mix of mashed potatoes, cheddar, and supposedly bacon (though we barely found any).

I am glad we picked up an extra side, the waffle iron fries, which are fried to order when we came to pick up our meal and came out nice and crispy.

Our favorite of the day was the big barbecue sandwich with chopped brisket- the sandwiches comes with whichever meat you pick, plus pickles, onions, and sauce for $5.50. Perhaps they use fattier pieces of the brisket, but the chopped pieces seemed more moist and flavorful than their sliced counterpart. Pick this sandwich (or the meat on its own), plus a side of those waffle fries and you have a really solid under $8 lunch.

Don’t forget to pick up extra bbq sauce and free soft serve vanilla ice cream on your way out.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Affordable BBQ, including cheap daily specials
  • Good brisket and waffle fries
  • Free ice cream

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • Bland mac and cheese

Dickey’s BBQ Pit, 650 South St, 267 273-0364


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  • agreed – this place was decent and there is no substitute for great customer service. also, the stool seating in front of the window lends itself to some interesting people watching.

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