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Snacking at Prime Burger is the Opposite of the Quinoa I had for Dinner

Recently, Prime Burger opened right by Washington Square Park with a menu of burgers made of various meats (La Freda beef, crab, mushroom, turkey,fish). They all sound pretty good actually, especially with the various cheesy topping options. But my hungover state required something less meal-like, more fat kid snacking.

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Much Loaf Love for High Street on Market

High Street on Market is the new darling of Old City and for good reason. Though Chef Eli Culp teased us with sandwich making in action Vines, the lunch staple formerly known as Fork etc transitioned quickly to High Street and continued providing baked goods and lunch to the neighborhood. Take out and dine in are both still possible. The main difference, besides the newly developed dinner menu, is that everything has been slightly elevated while maintaining a reasonable price point. And though the name might suggest a menu of pizza topped with Funions and Twinkies dipped in Nutella, its more of a place you can use to casually impress an out of town relative  than a stoner’s retreat.

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New Mexican on Walnut Street, Not Quite a Sweet Dream

Two weeks ago, Dream Mexican Grill opened on Walnut Street where the San Samosa Indian buffet had reigned for at least as long as I’ve been in Philly. Not much has been done  with the interior so far and the outdoor seating won’t be useful for many months. Dream is open daily for lunch and dinner with a Mexican and Caribbean menu. For lunch, you can order a la carte or choose 3  (an entree plus two out of the soup, salad, dessert choices) for $9.99

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Lunch Links (The “Mixed Taco Impressions” Edition)

Photo Courtesy of Danya Henninger

  • Brian Freedman enjoyed the brisket tacos at Shifty’s more than I did [Phila Weekly]
  • But this review of Jose Pistolas is making me want to try their tacos [City Paper]
  • Pearl Oyster Bar in Reading Terminal has added some fancified menu items [The Insider]
  • New University City pizza and sandwich shop has the guys from Pitruco in the kitchen [Zagat]

Beyond the Wurst is Worse at Bru

Bru opened in Center City a few months ago with this whole serve your own beer using a key gimmick. Although I have had drinks there on many occasions, I have yet to use this feature. Besides an international beer list, a German food menu is available. While most of their “plates” are around $15, the sandwiches are $10 and under.

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The Scoop on the free taco at Union Taco

One hour left for free tacos at Union Tacos preview on 7th and Girard. I was hoping to order from the menu, but the only thing available today is one free chicken taco per person. Decent chicken, pretty juicy- I was just really hoping to get some red meat or chorizo cheese fries after coming all the way out there… Staff seemed a little confused but they guessed the full menu might be available tomorrow.

Big, Cheesy Plates Fit in a Tiny Space at New Mexican Eatery Quetzally

This month, a Mexican restaurant called Quetzally took over the tiny space formerly occupied by the Asian fusion restaurant, Stix Asian Eatery. No more Korean style chicken wings. Instead, salsa and melty cheese. Apparently, Quetzali means beautiful in Nahuatl, and while the space isn’t exactly beautiful (currently photos of Mexican food cover up a giant poster of a Korean fried chicken wing), it is homey and comfortable.

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