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A few years ago  I enjoyed a “classy” lunch with my mom and sister at Fork. The soft-shell grab and beef stroganoff were amazing. Last week, Profiled Luncher Kylie recommended the quick and cheaper lunches at Fork: etc. This is Fork’s take-out spot  next door and features a counter to order upscale soups, sandwiches, and fresh bread. It isn’t all grab and go; there are communal tables to sit at and a big window letting in sunlight.

Paninis are pressed to order. My grilled cheese with apple fennel butter was gooey and sweet. And the bread it came on, like most of the fresh breads from here, was notably good. All ingredients were high quality,  but at $8, the sandwich was on the smaller side so it might not be an every day purchase.

The chicken salad looked better than it tasted. At $14 a pound, I got about $5 worth which would not be sufficient for a full lunch. They will include a small piece of bread for you. I liked the grapes and the nuts, but the whole thing was under seasoned and the chicken was cut into long stringy strips. I would stick to the sandwiches and bread as well as the soups and sides, which came recommended by Kylie.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Fresh baked bread to take home or for sandwiches

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • Under seasoned chicken salad
  • Tables get crowded at prime lunch hours

Fork:etc,  306 Market St  (@ 3rd ), 215-625-9425


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  • They have excellent sicilian-style roasted vegetable pizza. I think it is $3.50 for a slice – 1 slice is pretty big. Oh, and a good selection of desserts too. And just to confirm, the actual address for Fork, Etc is 308 Market St.

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