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Lunch Links (The “Labor Day Relaxation”Edition)

Lamb Kebab from Spice End

  • Reminder: Wing King is tomorrow- Tickets are still available
  • Pouncing on this new trend, PYT has a noodle bun burger now [Thrillist]
  • How about a donut truck? [Foobooz]
  • A little background about the guys at Spice End and how they make their kati rolls []
  • The Fork etc –> High Street switchover is getting more exciting thanks to the chef’s Vine videos [Foobooz]
  • A list of local activities for the holiday weekend [uwishunu]

I ate the Popeyes Chicken Waffle Tenders

I don’t really eat fast food. I didn’t grow up eating it; there were way better thing to eat in Queens. During law school I went to Wendy’s about 4 times when I was starving and at the library at midnight. Sometimes advertising works, as was the case when I passed Popeyes and saw the ad for chicken waffle tenders; chicken tenders, in a waffle batter. I couldn’t stop myself from trying it.

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The Burrito Bar at Animo

In May, the juice and healthy snack spot, Animo opened at 17th and Arch, making a lot of city workers happy. The menu consists of soups, salads, burrito variations, juices, smoothies, and frozen banana creations. They have a lot of claims about their products: healthy, made to order, organic, and hormone free to “nourish the mind and body”. Naturally, I was skeptical. But I am happy to report Animo did not sacrifice flavor in the name of nourishment.

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Let American Sardine Bar Drown your Sandwich

Friends from NYC came to visit our humble city to take advantage of the fact that so many of our bars serve amazing beer without pretension or annoying crowds. I mostly take that perk for granted, but my taste buds and liver were quickly reminded with the help of my friends.

One of our stops for beer and food was American Sardine Beer, because I can count on it for a good meal and interesting beer. Plus the patio is open, equipped with bright flowers and a tomato plant I may have stolen from.  Read more »

Lunch Links (The “Lamb Neck Taco” Edition)

Photo courtesy of Serious Eats

  • Border Spring Farms, the Reading Terminal spot with one of my new favorite sandwiches, is now serving lamb neck tacos [The Insider]
  • Serious Eats also enjoyed the grilled burger from (the NY branch of) Pennsylvania 6 [Serious Eats]
  • Fork etc. will be replaced by what sounds like a slightly trendier version of the same concept, by the same owner. The takeaway is that it Old City workers will need to find a new spot while renovations go down. [Meal Ticket]
  • Sadly, Paeano’s is no longer serving food at Woody’s [Foobooz]

$12 Lunch Meal at Tashan

In April 2012, Foobooz declared that Tashan was the best restaurant you aren’t going to. This was based on the fact that the food is amazing, but the huge space is rarely filled with customers. The explanation given is that Philly people don’t like the idea of high end Indian food. I have to say, I am guilty of such thinking. Not that I am ok with sub par Indian food. But when Indian Restaurant makes a great chicken tikka for under $10, or when 80 cent samosas from a grocery store are the best I’ve ever had, and another grocery store close by does an amazing daikon paratha, and a chaat hut uses artistic levels of colors, flavors, and texture, I get accustomed to receiving a lot for my buck. However, I was willing to hand out $12 for Tashan’s 6 day a week lunch meal. Read more »

Xi’an Sizzling Woks (the restaurant formerly known as Xi’an Famous Food) Now Has a Huge Noodley Menu

In May I noticed that a new restaurant opened in Chinatown serving a very unique style of Chinese cuisine from the Xi’an. I noted that the name of the restaurant “Xi’an Famous Food” made me think they were related to the popular Xi’an Famous Food locations in New York City, however on my visit I was told there was no relation. Soon after, the original Famous Food contacted the Philly restaurant and asked them to change their name to avoid an infringement suit. The change has happened and the new name is Xi’an Sizzling Woks. Since that first visit, the 10 item hand printed menu has expanded to a vast noodley menu that I had to explore.

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