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Eating Mr. Potato Head and His Entire Family at Coventry Deli

The Coventry Deli is located in a Center City office building. The menu is extensive and actually pretty fun. Its more than just a deli meat sandwich, though those are available too. Breakfast, salads, a pasta station, tons of sandwiches, snacks, and dessert are all available. Hot daily specials are also available. Zero in on what you are in the mood for, or be completely overwhelmed.

They were out of roast pork, so I was unable to order my first choice– the Cuban, which sounded amazing  with cheddar, prosciutto, and pickles alongside that pork. My only remedy was to order something even more excessive. The friendly lady preparing my sandwich behind the counter apologized upon seeing my super disappointed face, but fully endorsed my alternate choice.

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Lunch Links (The “Drowning in Sweat” Edition)

  • Crazy dessert “mashups” here in Philly that aren’t the cronut [Eater]
  • A new meatball truck is around town [Zagat]
  • As if it wasn’t hot enough, Zagat has a list of spicy menus [Zagat]
  • Talula’s Cafe opens next week, with some take out options that are a bit more accessible than dining at their restaurant next door [The Insider]
  • The reworked Eakin’s Oval opened last night, featuring food trucks and other changing programs every day [Uwishunu]

Philly’s Center City Beer Wonderland also Makes a Spicy Meatball

The Corner Foodery on 17th and Sansom is a genius combo of things that Philly loves,  beer and sandwiches. The beer store/ food combo comes by a collaboration of beloved neighborhood take out beer spot, The Foodery and the chef of  The Corner.

Hot sandwiches and cold cut hoagies are available with a few anti pasti options. You may take your food and beer to go, or you can eat at the tables provided.

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The Latin American “French Dip” Sandwich at Pura Vida

Located in a residential block of Northern Liberties, Pura Vida humbly brings latin cooking to the neighborhood.  The menu appears slightly Mexican, but more inclusive than that, with Guatemalan tamales for appetizers and vegetarian chorizo. Pura Vida, after all, is the Costa Rican slogan for a super chill lifestyle. Going along with that, the funky decor inside this small, corner BYOB includes Christmas lights and a raffia umbrella.

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Lunch Links (The “Gay Sandwich Upgrade” Edition)

  • Sausage fest! Paesano’s opened inside  everyone’s favorite gay bar, Woody’s [Foobooz]
  • A slideshow of burgers around town by Zagat, including a bunch for newcomers [Zagat]
  • University City dining days starts next week [Uwishunu]
  • Penn students have started a healthy food truck initiative [NBC]

Weekday Brunch at Ants Pants Cafe

I get around. Yesterday, I recommended Southern Inspired bourbon house The Twisted Tail, located about as east as you can go off of South Street. Today, I am on the other end of South Street,  at Ants Pants Cafe, whose inspiration is also Southern in a sense.  This spot has been bringing the Australian cafe experience to Grad Hospital since 2004. Though they recently started dinner service, Ants Pants has been more of a brunch place, serving eggs in various forms 7 days a week.

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A Southern Inspired South Street Escape at The Twisted Tail

The Twisted Tail is located close enough to South Street you would think it would have been infected by it. Luckily, this “Southern inspired Bourbon house” is a nice escape from tourists and wayward teens. I was invited to try their lunch menu, available Monday through Friday, though many of the lunch items can be found on the regular menu.

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