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Lunch Links (The “Jersey Sandwiches for your Philly Commute” Edition)

Photo Courtesy of Philly Phoodie

  • Thad says that Grillicious has improved upon its predecessor, Crisp [Philly Phoodie]
  • LaBan loves the sandwiches best at Blue Belly BBQ []
  • A Jersey sandwich shop opened in 30th street station [Grub Street]
  • Learn about the funky career path of  John, the Tamale Cart guy []
  • Don’t forget the Holiday Food Truck Round Up at the Piazza is tomorrow with 10 food trucks, some debuting in Philly for the first time!

A Trip to the New Location of Nan Zhou Hand Drawn Noodle House

Its downright crazy that  I have only eaten at Nan Zhou Hand Drawn Noodle once and that the one time was 2 years ago AND before the move to the bigger location. Silly me. Last time I dug into the braised oxtail hand pulled noodle soup. I applaud my past self for choosing something a little funkier. For this visit, I had to pick a different version of the soup, plus I had to explore the menu a lot more.

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Argentinian Empanadas from Gavin’s Cafe

I love empanadas so much and there aren’t many to be found in Center City. Earlier this month Foobooz out out a list of places to find them and I was reminded of Gavin’s Cafe and their Argentinian empanadas all the way on the westernmost side of Center City.

It is a cute cafe with a few 2 top tables, but there is plenty of park space to eat nearby if  the sun is out and winds are low.

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The Pure-est of Penn Food Trucks

I just got back from NYC, so today, luncher Rebecca is checking out the healthy food at the Pure Fare truck. 

On Penn’s campus, it is difficult to resist falling into food cart patterns. When a new truck rolls along, you have to weigh the options: to enjoy the usual, or to sacrifice your perfect order and experiment with something new? Pure Fare Food Cart, on 40th and Locust, directed this question toward me for a couple of months. When I finally mustered up enough curiosity to try it, the truck when on a hiatus…and then I went home for the summer. But alas, the cart and I have both returned, and I hope that this truck is here to stay.

Pure Fare has a storefront on 21st and Walnut where I’ve scoped out the prepared foods before. Though the Pure Fare truck offers only a fraction of the number of selections, their menu — featuring ‘trendy’ ingredients such as kale, quinoa, and sweet potato — rotates every few weeks. Thus, University City’ers who become regulars will be able to try a wide variety of sandwiches, salads, and snacks. (Unfortunately, the nut milk-based frozen yogurts that they offer at their storefront location will not be making the menu anytime soon – despite my many pleas, apparently their cart cannot be equipped with frozen yogurt machine at the moment.)

Determined to picnic last week, two friends accompanied me on a trip to Pure Fare. On the menu, there were around 20 entrée options (half salad, half sandwich), all of which had calorie-counts alongside their descriptions. Also, there are a number of vegan options. The three of us found ourselves in particularly salad-moods, and I bought a couple of snacks to add to the mix as well. Here’s the rundown.

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Lunch Links (The “Happy Thanksgiving 2012″ Edition)

Photo of Chhaya’s Waffle

  • Chhaya Cafe has a Thanksgiving waffle with sausage, stuffing, and gravy available today, Friday, and on weekends until 12/16 [Chhaya]
  • Opa has a Black Friday lunch special of a $6 hamburger with fries and a drink from now until 1/1 [Opa]
  • Misconduct has  Thanksgiving hotdog available today [Meal Ticket]
  • Crisp has rebranded as Grillicious [Foobooz]

Holiday Shopping Break with Food Trucks on 12/1

The Philly Mobile Food Association is having a big holiday truck round up on December 1st. This is also at the same time as the Northern Liberties Shopping Spree where discounts are given for the more you shop. So eat, shop, be merry!

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Meat and Pickle-Flecked Potato Salad & other Bukharian Concoctions at Shish Kabab Palace

Neither the name nor the look of the storefront of Shish Kabob Palace is particularly enticing. This restaurant, located in a strip mall, certainly does not conjure up the image of a “palace”. You can’t judge a palace by its cover I guess; the sizable menu did a way better job at reeling me in than the meat stick decal on the door.

This palace serves Bukharian and Russian food. Bukharia is a region of Uzbekistan. From my other dining experiences with the cuisine of  Russian/former USSR countries I knew this meant  I could expect funky cold salads, dumplings in various forms, soups, and skewered meats.

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