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Uzbeki Bread and Meat from Suzani Art Cafe

I am always on the hunt for new Russian and Eastern European restaurants in Northeast Philly. Though you might not guess it from the name, Suzani Art Cafe serves Uzbeki food. Inside,  it is quite cozy with ample pillows provided in the booths. You can chew meat off the bone while snuggling and drinking whatever booze pairing you decided to bring. What is better than that?

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A Georgian Calzone from Uncle’s Backyard

Did you know you can find Georgian food in Philly? And not Georgia as in: peaches, biscuits, pecans, Bubba Sparxxx, where my beautiful younger sister goes to grad school – Georgia as in: borders Russia, a much longer plane ride. Dyadin Dvor, aka “Uncle’s Backyard,” in Northeast Philly fits in multiple categories of reasons I’d check out a restaurant based on appearance alone: an unpronounceable name, another name that makes you slightly uncomfortable, and a bizarre exterior that makes no sense in context (context being a strip mall that includes a furrier).
This confused, magical feeling that we were entering a special place endured as we took in the interior, complete with faux windows, plastic vines, and Lincoln log like tables and chairs.  My mouth’s anticipation continued to climb when I saw khachapuri on the first page of the menu, realizing I had stumbled in to a Georgian restaurant.

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Classic Jiz Biz and Other Lamb Dishes from Feasterville’s Uzbeki Dining Palace Samarkand

For a while now Uzbekistan has been my spot to trek to for my Uzebeki food cravings and yes I do often enough  have cravings that only Uzbeki food can satisfy. A while back Craig LaBan recommended Samarkand, a bit farther and fancier than Uzbekistan, but offering a very similar menu and comparably affordable prices.

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Meat and Pickle-Flecked Potato Salad & other Bukharian Concoctions at Shish Kabab Palace

Neither the name nor the look of the storefront of Shish Kabob Palace is particularly enticing. This restaurant, located in a strip mall, certainly does not conjure up the image of a “palace”. You can’t judge a palace by its cover I guess; the sizable menu did a way better job at reeling me in than the meat stick decal on the door.

This palace serves Bukharian and Russian food. Bukharia is a region of Uzbekistan. From my other dining experiences with the cuisine of  Russian/former USSR countries I knew this meant  I could expect funky cold salads, dumplings in various forms, soups, and skewered meats.

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Tale of an Uzbeki Feast at Uzbekistan

I hope to impress you with the fact that I ate practically half the menu of Uzbekistan, a restaurant located in the area I believe is considered the far northeast.  Yes, it is out of the way for Center City folk, but there is no CC equivalent and it’s a bit quicker than a flight to Eastern Europe. Check out where Uzbekistan is located on a map. Its geography is reflected in the cuisine, especially the influence of multiple ethnicities. The common theme on an Uzbek menu is hearty food.  Sometimes a girl has gotta feast, and this is the place to it.

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