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Toloache Makes A Belly-Filling Torta With Chocolately Pork

Ever since Toloache Taqueria opened on Maiden Lane (btw. William & Gold), we’ve been treated to a slightly fancier take on Mexican food than is found at Chipotle or other options in the Financial District like Sabor de Mexico or the taco trucks that have started parking down here. I’ve sampled the tacos and burritos, which until a recent price break overshot the $10 mark, but the tortas have always beckoned. As I discovered, at $8 they’re probably the best gut-filling bargain to be found there.  Read more »

Toloache Lowers Taco, Burrito Prices In Ongoing Specials

It looks like Toloache is trying to bump up business by offering some deals on tacos and burritos that are ongoing. Every time I’ve walked by recently, it seems there has been a signboard out front advertising three mix and match tacos for $9, which is a decrease from $12. Another sign in the window shows that you can get a burrito for $9 and $7 on Fridays (if I’m reading that correctly). These prices are pretty on par for the area, but after some of their dishes jumped the $10 mark, it’s nice to see some back within our lunching price range.

ML Downtown Mailbag: Toloache Raised Prices On Taco And Burrito Specials

A couple of Lunch’ers wrote in yesterday to tell us that the prices of the Tuesday and Friday specials on tacos and burritos at Toloache Taqueria on Maiden Lane (btw. William & Gold) were each raised $1 to $3 per taco and $7 per burrito. Lunch’er Eric had this to say:

Toloache finally gave in and had to raise the prices on their Tuesday and Friday specials.  A $7 Friday burrito is still a good deal there, even at a buck higher than last week.  They did expand their menu a bit.  The Carne Asada tacos are worth it.

Lunch’er Chloe also stopped in for the Tuesday taco special and discovered the price raise. They were nice enough to give it to her for $2, and she was nice enough to pass along the updated menu which you can find (in part) after the jump.

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Cheap Guac And Chips At Toloache Today

It’s Friday and that means it’s OK to stuff your face with Mexican food, right? In honor of National Guacamole Day, Toloache Taqueria on Maiden Lane (btw. William & Gold) is selling guacamole and chips for $2 (although they don’t specify if this is a large or small size). If they still have the $6 burrito Fridays going, this could make for a cheap lunch deal.

$5 Burritos At Toloache Are A Good Way To Celebrate Cinco De Mayo

The stars aligned yesterday as I was trying to decide what I wanted for lunch, and my brain randomly replied “burrito.” The nearest source of decent burritos to my office is Toloache Taqueria on Maiden Lane (btw. William & Gold) and it was a good excuse to go back there since I’d already tried their tacos and pozole. When I got there I saw the above sign in the window advertising $5 burritos on Cinco de Mayo which just happens to be today. What will you get for that small amount of money? on this day of excessive drinking? Photos and analysis straight ahead.

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In An Effort To Eat Fewer Things That Will Slowly Kill Me, I Try Toloache’s Pozole

As you readers of ML Downtown may have noticed, there aren’t a lot of “lighter” things like soup featured on here. It’s not that I’m purposely trying to omit liquid-based lunches, it’s just that they’re not that exciting (unless they’re pho, which is exempt from this bias). When I first went to Toloache Taqueria on Maiden Lane (btw. William & Gold) to try the tacos I saw they had a couple of interesting soups on the menu. Since it’s been freaking cold outside I figured it was the perfect time to try their version of pozole. Read more »

Toloache Taqueria Now Doing Delivery

 width=Back when Toloache Taqueria opened, some had wondered if they’d ever do delivery. According to a sign in their window, the answer is yes, from the hours of 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and the minimum order is $15. The curious part was that the day before when I walked by the hours were 1 to 8 p.m. and the minimum was $25. I’m thinking maybe someone complained. A downtown lunch’er also wrote in to say that they ordered delivery and the tilapia tacos travel well. They also asked about the guacamole served at the midtown location being served downtown, and were told it’s a possibility.