ML Downtown Mailbag: Toloache Raised Prices On Taco And Burrito Specials

A couple of Lunch’ers wrote in yesterday to tell us that the prices of the Tuesday and Friday specials on tacos and burritos at Toloache Taqueria on Maiden Lane (btw. William & Gold) were each raised $1 to $3 per taco and $7 per burrito. Lunch’er Eric had this to say:

Toloache finally gave in and had to raise the prices on their Tuesday and Friday specials.  A $7 Friday burrito is still a good deal there, even at a buck higher than last week.  They did expand their menu a bit.  The Carne Asada tacos are worth it.

Lunch’er Chloe also stopped in for the Tuesday taco special and discovered the price raise. They were nice enough to give it to her for $2, and she was nice enough to pass along the updated menu which you can find (in part) after the jump.

Toloache has also added plates like chile rellenos and chicken enchiladas that come with rice and beans, but are all more than $10. If you want to stay at or under the $10 mark you’re going to have to get a torta or one of the burritos.Will you all still eat there even with the price raises?

Toloache Taqueria, 83 Maiden Lane (btw. William & Gold), (212) 809-9800



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