$5 Burritos At Toloache Are A Good Way To Celebrate Cinco De Mayo

The stars aligned yesterday as I was trying to decide what I wanted for lunch, and my brain randomly replied “burrito.” The nearest source of decent burritos to my office is Toloache Taqueria on Maiden Lane (btw. William & Gold) and it was a good excuse to go back there since I’d already tried their tacos and pozole. When I got there I saw the above sign in the window advertising $5 burritos on Cinco de Mayo which just happens to be today. What will you get for that small amount of money? on this day of excessive drinking? Photos and analysis straight ahead.

It’s been a few months since I’ve been to Toloache and since then they’ve added a couple of things to the menu as specials like chicken tamales (2 for $7) and pork burritos and tacos. I looked past both of these and ordered a pollo burrito ($9) that had chipotle marinated pulled chicken, black beans, rice, lettuce and chihuahua cheese.

This thing was massive, as it should be for the price tag. If you’re a control freak that must see everything being put into your burrito this is likely not a good choice as you don’t really get to see it being made. When I first took a bite I knew this was going to be a winner as it was really juicy on the inside and not filled entirely with rice. Actually there was a really good balance of ingredients (although I only got cheese every few bites) and I also really liked the green sauce that came on the side. This thing will either fill you up or put you in a food coma for the rest of the afternoon.

Toloache Taqueria, 83 Maiden Lane (btw. William & Gold), (212) 809-9800


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