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Mexicue, Real Good Truck Downtown Today: Today we have Frites N Meats at Church & Walker and Korilla at Varick & Spring. The ML Downtown Twitter Tracker also tells us that Rickshaw Dumplings is at Hudson & Houston and Wall btw. William & Water, the Real Good Truck is at Varick & Vandam, Mexicue is at Water & Broad and Kimchi Taco is at Hudson & Charlton.

Don Halal Puts Together An Interesting Falafel Over Rice Plate

There are a lot of good cart options for falafel in the Financial District, but there’s always room for one more, right? After noticing a new cart called Don Halal right next to the No. 1 Bahn Mi cart at the corner of Hanover Sq. & Pearl, I chatted with the woman manning the window and after I didn’t order anything, she called me “sweetie” and invited me to come back. There are some interesting things on the menu like a falafel platter with Indian marinated vegetables, and chicken curry so I decided to go see if they could compete with the superb falafel across Water St. at Alan’s Halal.

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It’s Wednesday Wafel Time: On the ML Downtown Twitter Tracker...Wafels & Dinges is at 60 Wall St., Big D's Grub and Frites N Meats are at Hudson & King and Bongo Brothers is at Water & John. Our Heros has a meatloaf with mushroom gravy & mozz special at Wall & Water, Korilla is at Front & Gouverneur and Milk Truck is on Varick btw. King & Charlton.

Roast Pork At La Nueva Conquista Worth Standing In Line With A Bunch Of Dudes

There’s a place in Soho where the ratio of well-dressed, impeccably-groomed office workers waiting in line is noticeably absent. Instead there’s a decidedly blue collar male crowd of truck drivers and the people who deliver your food from nicer restaurants in the area (I stood behind a delivery guy from Lombardi’s). That place is La Nueva Conquista - a Dominican food institution that Daniel visited waaay back in 2008. Judging by his pictures, this place hasn’t changed a bit except for a price hike to $9 for your meat over rice + beans lunch. He tried the catfish and goat stew but I was here for the roast pork which I’ve read about again and again but never had the chance to try.

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You Have So Many Lunch Options Today!: It's not raining and not freezing, so let's see who's on the ML Downtown Twitter Tracker...Cupcake Crew and Big D's Grub are at Hanover Sq., Sweetery and Gorilla Cheese are at Hudson & King, Eddie's Pizza is at Water & John, and Frites N Meats is at Front & Gouverneur Lane. Bongo Brothers is at Old Slip & Water, Korilla is at Varick & Vandam, and Rickshaw Dumplings is at Hudson & Houston and Wall & William, where the Milk Truck also happens to be parked.

PROFILE: Downtown Lunch’er “Matt”

As is customary here on Midtown Lunch, every Tuesday we’ll profile a different lunch’er and get their recommendations for places to eat in Downtown NYC. This week, we have Matthew who works about as far down in Manhattan as you can without being in the water, and is looking for more good Indian food options.

Name: Matthew

Occupation: Electronic discovery

Where you work: Battery Place

Age: 28

Favorite kinds of food: I always crave pizza, good deli sandwiches, sushi, Indian, and Mexican.

Least favorite foods: I probably eat Chinese food least.

Favorite lunches downtown: When my inner discipline is strong, I don’t go to Pizza Italia on Stone St. (btw. Whitehall & Broad) and order one buffalo chicken slice and one grandma round slice. After surviving three years of mediocre pizza in California, I gave up great Mexican for great pizza and it was worth it. I also get a lot of Italian heros at Champs Gourmet Deli (Multiple Locations) and roast pork at Sophie’s Cuban (Multiple Locations). FIKA on Pearl (nr. Coenties Slip) has great coffee and even better scones.

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Half Off At Bluebird Sky: If you can handle wading into Little Italy, there's a 50% off deal at Bluebird Sky on Baxter (btw. Hester & Canal). Apparently they have a good breakfast, but the lunch isn't too shabby either.