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Sweets And Meats All Over The Twitter Tracker: Today we have Cupcake Crew at Hanover Square and Sweetery at Hudson & King along with Gorilla Cheese. Also on the ML Downtown Twitter Tracker, Big D's Grub is also at Hanover Sq., Eddie's Pizza is at Water nr. John, Taim Mobile is at Varick & King and Frites N Meats is on Front nr. Gouverneur,

PROFILE: Downtown Lunch’er “Noah”

As is customary here on Midtown Lunch, every Tuesday we’ll profile a different lunch’er and get their recommendations for places to eat in Downtown NYC. This week, we have Noah who is a fellow food blogger and is lucky enough to work both in the FiDi and near the lunch bounty that is Chinatown.

Name: Noah Arenstein

Occupation: Criminal defense lawyer. Blogger at Law & Food and editor-at-large at Real Cheap Eats.

Where you work: Pine & Pearl, but often at the courthouse.

Age: 27

Favorite kinds of food: Sichuan Chinese, cheeseburgers. Anything patently unhealthy.

Least favorite foods: I’ll try anything once. I loathe Subway, and most other chain sandwich places (with a few notable exceptions like Pret). Seriously, go to a bodega and get a sandwich. I’m not really into sweets or chocolate (with the strong exception of any Haribo product), so my meals tend to be front heavy. I had a hard time with kidneys the last time I tried them, but otherwise I’m pretty good with offal.

Favorite lunches downtown: I’ve only started working in FiDi full time in the past month or so, but I’ve worked down here on and off for awhile now. I used to get lamb over rice at the carts at Broadway and Liberty St. a lot, but I’m looking for a new go-to spot. Rubirosa on Mulberry (btw. Spring & Prince) and Torrisi (now Parm) on Mulberry (at Prince) are always good standbys. If I’m in court or visiting clients in prison, Chinatown lunches are key (especially since I work with someone who speaks fluent Chinese). In that case, it’s hand-pulled noodle and dumpling/wonton spots on Eldridge, Shanghai 456 on Mott (btw. Canal & Bayard), Shanghai Cafe on Mott (btw. Canal & Hester) and Noodle Village on Mott (btw. Bowery & Bayard), among others.

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Popeye’s Gets Shuttered By The DOH


A little bit of late-lunch news for you in case you were going to get some Popeye’s for lunch today: The Fulton location near Broadway got shut down by the Department of Health, according to those yellow signs they plaster all over the front of restaurants. As I was taking the above picture, not one but two people stopped and frantically pulled at the doors to get to the chicken within, and didn’t notice the DOH stickers until I pointed them out. Something tells me this place will be as busy as ever once it reopens. Update: They’ve reopened and are sporting an “A” from the DOH in the window. It’s now safe to eat spicy fried chicken, everyone.

Wafels & Dinges Is In Soho: On your Monday ML Downtown Twitter Tracker...Wafels & Dinges is making a stop on Varick & King along with Frying Dutchmen and Sweetery, Crisp and Schnitzel & Things are at Hudson & King. Comme Ci Comme Ca is at Old Slip & Water, Bongo Brothers is at Varick & Vandam, and Calexico is at Prince & Worth with a chicken, bacon and pineapple salsa special.

Sabor de Mexico’s Fajitas Are Basically A Burrito

Earlier this year I checked out Sabor de Mexico on Trinity Place (at Thames) back when it was Caliente Mexican Grill. I’m not sure why they changed the name, but they were serving a decent burrito and some Americanized tacos at a price comparable to their closest comparison, Chipotle. I was mostly impressed by the fact that the sauces and everything seemed to be made from scratch although I could be wrong about that. Since I never went back after that initial visit I figured I would check in and see if they’d added anything to the menu and if the quality had changed (it did).

My test of this was ordering fajitas ($7.95) and what I got wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, but it did lead me to discover that they are cooking up some fine meats.

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Broadway Gets Another $1 Slice Option: The stretch of Broadway in Tribeca just got one $1 slice place richer with Joey's Pepperoni Pizza opening on the corner of White St. This is a mere block away from Roll and Go which opened mid-year selling a solid cheese slice to hungry government workers. My question with the new place is, can you get a $1 pepperoni slice or is it cheese? Clearly an investigation is in order.

Downtown Links (The “Vague Umami Burger News” Edition)

A balanced meal of pork, peanuts & wheat gluten. Courtesy of Eating in Translation.