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Downtown Links (The “Outrageous Claims About Desserts Does Not Make It True” Edition)

The world, or at least NYC, is divided about this dessert, courtesy of Fork In The Road

  • Apparently, much like with cupcakes, the world is divided on whether a store called The Best Chocolate Cake In The World actually can make that claim…or if they even serve cake. [Fork In The Road]
  • And other publications also weighed in on whether it’s delicious or overpriced. [Eater NY]
  • Fancy sandwich lovers can get their fix at the just out of ML price range Salume, aka “the perfect respite for designer clothes shopping.” [Always Hungry]
  • The chicken curry noodles at Bo Ky sounds like everything delicious thrown into one bowl. Random chicken parts included! [Serious Eats NY]
  • The pepito torta at La Esquina is now easier to eat without having awkward bits of meat sticking out of your mouth. [Lunch with Front Studio]

99% Vegetarian Food Cart Is Probably Not Going To Convert Any Meat Lovers

I’m not going to lie – there are some times that I don’t want a big meaty plate of street meat. Not that I would go so far as visiting a place like Just Salad, but I have been known to walk over to the Whole Foods in Tribeca for some buffet ceviche, mostly because you can get a whole lot of it for cheap because it’s so light. So it was with this mindset, and blazing hot temperatures, that I ended up at the 99% Vegetarian Cart on Liberty St. (at Broadway) to check out its vegetarian platter. The cart defected from midtown in May, possibly due to run-ins with hot dog cart ruffians. They used to be called the Healthy Vegetarian Cart, but then changed their name after adding grilled chicken. Read more »

A Lunch That Makes You Go Hmm…

At first, this sign outside the Lane Cafe on Maiden Lane (btw. Gold & William) looked like any other outside a generic deli, but on closer inspection (see second line) revealed a unique lunch special. Mostly, I was just angry that I had already eaten and couldn’t be taken back to my childhood of processed food from a box.

Checking Out The ESPN Match Truck Makes Me Ask: Can Someone Please Serve Bunny Chow From A Cart?

After a tip from a lunch’er alerted me that the ESPN Match Truck that was both broadcasting sports matches and serving international food was parked at Bowling Green, my stomach and I had to investigate. You can find out the daily location of the truck here, or follow it on Twitter, but it looks like it will be at Bowling Green (at Broadway) again on Thursday and then next Tuesday. Anyway, all you have to do is follow the sound of the vuvuzela (it sounds like a ferry blowing its fog horn…five feet away from your face) and the ESPN sports commentators coming from the TV screen on the top of the truck. What kind of tasty fare can a truck from a sports channel cook up? Click through to find out. Read more »

The Picnick Smoked Cart Is Apparently MIA


Last week, lunch’er Serene wrote in to say she went looking for the Picnick Smoked cart and that she was basically led on a wild goose chase at the two Picnick kiosks in Battery Park looking for supposed BBQ items served there. Indeed, the Picnick Web site says that the “full BBQ menu is available at the kiosks.” When I went to look on Tuesday, that was definitely not the case. Read more »

ESPN Match (And Food) Truck At Bowling Green Today: A lunch'er brings word that an ESPN truck serving international food and broadcasting World Cup matches is parked at Bowling Green today (Broadway & Battery Pl.) You can check out their locations on Twitter but it looks like they'll be there again Thursday and on June 29. I know what I'm having for lunch today!

PROFILE: Downtown Lunch’er “Paul”

As is customary here on Midtown Lunch, every Tuesday we’ll profile a different lunch’er and get their recommendations for places to eat in Downtown NYC. This week, we have Paul, who grew up in Hong Kong, wishes there was more variety in carts and hates foods that try to be something they’re not.

Name: Paul Chaveriat

Occupation: Institutional Sales

Where you work: Wall St

Age: 26

Favorite Kinds of Food: I generally like simple, traditional foods. I believe quality of ingredients and amount of preparation should be inversely related. I grew up in Hong Kong, so I am partial to Asian food, though I will eat and enjoy almost anything. My all-time favorite foods of any kind are: medium rare rib eye with salt and pepper, sushi (uni and toro), fresh pasta, burrata.

Least Favorite Foods: Imposters – California rolls, Peking duck without the skin, skim milk, teriyaki sauce dumped on white rice, string cheese mozzarella, turkey burgers, turkey bacon. I also don’t enjoy the flavor of licorice, most things bitter, coconut flakes and Jell-O. Read more »