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Buy One Get One Free Wrap or Salad Alert (If You Have Friends)


We’re not exactly fans of Just Salad, although I will admit to kind of liking their Thai chicken crunch wrap in one of my weaker moments a few years back. That being said, if you’re going to eat a salad it might as well be a free salad. Today a new location of Just Salad opens on 49th btw. 8+9th in World Wide Plaza, and to celebrate they’re offering buy one get one free wraps and salads (when you bring a friend) from 11am to 3pm, plus free Hint Water with any purchase of a wrap or salad. I guess it is possible to win friends with salad? ¬†Freeloaders… find a friend, and prepare to engage.

Just Salad, 321 West 49th Street (btw. 8+9th)

If I Was Forced to Eat at Just Salad, They Now Have Something I Can Order


You know how I feel about salads… and I’m equally turned off by antiseptic Midtown chains. So naturally places like Chop’t and Just Salads (who are merely co-opting the salad portion of the generic Midtown deli) don’t rank high on my list of places to eat. However, occasionally they will do something that piques my interest. Lure me in with something unhealthy… or Asian… or both! (Like the General Tso’s salad dressing at Chop’t.) Clearly Just Salad has taken notice, because they sent me this interesting email the other day:

Hi Zach, Hope all is well. We met a couple years back shortly after our first location opened at 320 Park Ave (We didn’t want you to take pics in store after NY Mag article). I read Midtown Lunch often so I know you are not a big fan of salads. That being said, we just recently unveiled some new menu changes that you may be interested in. These items include:

  • Buffalo Chicken wrap for $6.25 which includes Romaine-Iceberg, Buffalo Chicken, Reduced Fat cheddar, Tortilla Strips, Celery and Buttermilk Ranch dressing.
  • Thai Chicken Crunch wrap for $6.25 which includes Romaine, Grilled Chicken, Chinese Noodles, Celery, Carrots and our new Spicy Thai Peanut dressing.
  • New dressing: Smokey Poblano Ranch

Uh… did you say Chinese crunchy noodles? Sir, you clearly know me better than I thought possible.

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