First Look Denied! Just Salad (and apparently discreetness)

It’s not often a lunch place opens up in Midtown that warrants a piece in New York Magazine- so on Monday when I read about Just Salad, I figured I had to go check this out for myself.  The catch is, it wasn’t in the food section, because salad is not the main draw of this lunch spot… apparently it’s a great place to meet good looking single women.

Started 2 1/2 months ago, by two twenty-somethings (Nick & Rob)- Just Salad caters to a “young, hipper crowd… in Midtown” (NYMag) looking for healthy salads, and dates for the weekend.  One guy was even quoted as saying he met his current girlfriend on line there.  So with camera in hand, I trekked to Lexington and 51st, fully expecting a gigantic sausage fest of dudes, fresh from reading the article, trying to score with one of the ladies in line.  But much to my surprise, it was exactly as advertised.  Two very handsome gentleman (the owners) standing outside welcoming everyone in, and a long line of young ladies on the inside.

Here’s where the fun started.  I told the owners that I write a blog about eating in Midtown- and asked if they would mind me taking some pictures.  They told me they didn’t allow pictures to be taken inside the restaurant, because of an incident that was too complicated to explain…. something about not being able to control where pictures end up, and people seeing them who shouldn’t have??? 

Um… we are talking about a salad place right?  So, I figured it could be one of two things.  Either it’s girls gone wild in there… or maybe they’re just protecting their clientele from being photographed flirting with someone other then their significant other.  Very good business decision boys!  So, if you’re single and looking to do a little flirting, or married and need some flirting without fear of being photographed, Just Salad is the place for you.  (No idea how the food is.  I’m a fat, married man- I have no need for flirting or salad.)

Just Salad, 320 Park Ave. (on 51st. St.) 212-758-8900


  • Anything of substance about the place? Taste? Quality? Cost?

  • My co-worker and I decided to try Just Salad as a break from our typical Chopt’ lunch. I have to say it was one of the worst salads I have ever had. You would do better at a corner bodega than here. The two twenty-something owners should spend a little more time thinking about the quality (or lack thereof) of their ingredients than trying to pick up young girls who are waiting in line. This place should be closed soon, just in time for these two young kids to send in their graduate school applications.

  • I have never been to this particular Just Salad…but I have tried the one at O’hare and another one in Delaware. Both experiences were bad. I wasn’t expecting much when I got a salad at O’hare…’cause airport food is always bad…I just didnt’ think it could be THAT bad…

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