Checking Out The ESPN Match Truck Makes Me Ask: Can Someone Please Serve Bunny Chow From A Cart?

After a tip from a lunch’er alerted me that the ESPN Match Truck that was both broadcasting sports matches and serving international food was parked at Bowling Green, my stomach and I had to investigate. You can find out the daily location of the truck here, or follow it on Twitter, but it looks like it will be at Bowling Green (at Broadway) again on Thursday and then next Tuesday. Anyway, all you have to do is follow the sound of the vuvuzela (it sounds like a ferry blowing its fog horn…five feet away from your face) and the ESPN sports commentators coming from the TV screen on the top of the truck. What kind of tasty fare can a truck from a sports channel cook up? Click through to find out.

They start serving food at 9 a.m., so you can also get breakfast like silver dollar pancakes and Spanish tortilla. At lunch they have things like a carne asada burrito ($6), bunny chow to represent South Africa ($6), lamb gyro ($6), sliders ($6), Korean mandoo ($4-$7), and seared rice balls ($4 for 2).

Clearly I had to get the bunny chow since that’s not available from a cart any other time. It was described as chicken curry in toasted hollowed out bread. Those were the basic components, but it wasn’t exactly like they just dumped some Indian curry in a bread bowl. Instead they took a large hoagie-type roll and hollowed it out, dumped a creamy yellow curry sauce in, and then put the chopped up chicken with peas, red onion, and lettuce on top.

This left the chicken a little dry, but that was remedied with the sriracha they had sitting by the utensils.

Also, grab lots of napkins because after you eat the chicken and vegetables off the top, then you get to pick up the bread and attempt to eat it without getting yellow curry sauce everywhere (which you will).

There was no line to order food when I got there around 12:30, but there were a lot of people just standing around watching the TV (Wimbledon was on when I was there) or waiting for their food to come up. It took about 15 minutes, and it was well worth it.

And with that, I will appeal to someone to start serving bunny chow from a cart. Yes, I know there’s an actual restaurant called Bunny Chow but it’s way out of Midtown Lunch price range. Basically, any of the street meat carts could take their chicken, a toasted, hollowed out bun and some curry sauce, and make this happen. 7 Hanover Cart, I’m looking at you.



  • The bunny chow was great! You’re right…some cart ought to start serving this. Either that or keep the MatchCast truck around longer.

  • I went to the truck for lunch today and had the bunny chow too. Delicious indeed. Unfortunately, they told me today was the last day of the truck. I guess we better get on 7 Hanover Truck to start making this stuff STAT.

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