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Checking Out The ESPN Match Truck Makes Me Ask: Can Someone Please Serve Bunny Chow From A Cart?

After a tip from a lunch’er alerted me that the ESPN Match Truck that was both broadcasting sports matches and serving international food was parked at Bowling Green, my stomach and I had to investigate. You can find out the daily location of the truck here, or follow it on Twitter, but it looks like it will be at Bowling Green (at Broadway) again on Thursday and then next Tuesday. Anyway, all you have to do is follow the sound of the vuvuzela (it sounds like a ferry blowing its fog horn…five feet away from your face) and the ESPN sports commentators coming from the TV screen on the top of the truck. What kind of tasty fare can a truck from a sports channel cook up? Click through to find out. Read more »

ESPN Match (And Food) Truck At Bowling Green Today: A lunch'er brings word that an ESPN truck serving international food and broadcasting World Cup matches is parked at Bowling Green today (Broadway & Battery Pl.) You can check out their locations on Twitter but it looks like they'll be there again Thursday and on June 29. I know what I'm having for lunch today!