Downtown Links (The “Outrageous Claims About Desserts Does Not Make It True” Edition)

The world, or at least NYC, is divided about this dessert, courtesy of Fork In The Road

  • Apparently, much like with cupcakes, the world is divided on whether a store called The Best Chocolate Cake In The World actually can make that claim…or if they even serve cake. [Fork In The Road]
  • And other publications also weighed in on whether it’s delicious or overpriced. [Eater NY]
  • Fancy sandwich lovers can get their fix at the just out of ML price range Salume, aka “the perfect respite for designer clothes shopping.” [Always Hungry]
  • The chicken curry noodles at Bo Ky sounds like everything delicious thrown into one bowl. Random chicken parts included! [Serious Eats NY]
  • The pepito torta at La Esquina is now easier to eat without having awkward bits of meat sticking out of your mouth. [Lunch with Front Studio]


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