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Untamed Moves Beyond Sandwiches

Untamed, purveryors of large braised meat sandwiches, are branching out beyond sandwiches to meat plates. As you can see from their helpful illustration, each plate features meat, veggies, and grits, and they start at a hefty $11 each (and that’s for a veggie plate!). Now, normally I’d say a sandwich beats a plate any day, but when the plate includes grits? That could tip the scales. Have any Lunchers given them a try? Let us know what you think.

Untamed Sandwiches, 43 West 39th Street btwn 5th and 6th Avenues, (646) 669-9397

Untamed Sandwiches: Now Feeding You Three Meals A Day

In an exciting runny-yolk related development, Untamed Sandwiches is now serving breakfast. And I think we can all agree that even though I am inherently biased, Untamed makes damn good sandwiches. Adding on to their lunch and dinner menu, Untamed’s breakfast will feature eggs, braised meats and seasonal vegetables, all served on those amazing crusty rolls from Grandaisy bakery. I am most excited to try the Ol’ Grumpy with soft scrambled eggs, grass-fed beef chili, pimento cheese, hot jam, and cilantro. If that doesn’t sell you on it, just look at the photo they sent out to their email list…Breakfast served from 8-10:30.

Untamed Sandwiches, 43 West 39th Street btwn 5th and 6th Avenues, (646) 669-9397

Your First Look at Untamed’s New Larger Sandwiches

Please excuse my lousy Photoshop job.

Our review of Untamed Sandwiches generated quite a bit of controversy. Many readers believed Untamed Sandwiches was charging too much for a sandwich that was just too small. This was something I touched on repeatedly in my review, and it was a hard fact to ignore when looking at Untamed as a daily lunch spot. It was so prevalent, in fact, that Eater’s very own Mr. Sietsema pointed out the high price and small quantity conundrum in his own review. At the bottom of that post, Andy, from Untamed Sandwiches commented to say that Untamed had responded to us the critics, and upgraded the size of their sandwiches accordingly (it was pointed out here). This meant I had to abandon my lunch plans for the day, and get to Untamed Sandwiches to see what sort of changes had been made.

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Untamed Increases the Size of Their Sandwiches

On Eater today Robert Sietsema weighs in on Untamed Sandwiches, the braised meats sandwich place we told you about a few weeks ago on 39th btw. 5+6th.  But even more interesting than his opinions was the comment the post generated from somebody at Untamed.  Apparently over the weekend they increased the size of their sandwiches to the point where there’s “no way you will still think that our sandwiches are too small.”  We’ll be the judge of that…

Untamed Sandwiches Unleashes Braised Meats on Midtown

When Sarah announced the upcoming opening of Untamed Sandwiches on 39th, it generated quite a bit of hype. The prospect of a Midtown establishment serving up delicious sandwiches with a selection of braised meats sounded almost too good to be true. I certainly wouldn’t refer to Midtown as the Mecca for delicious or inventive sandwiches, so Untamed Sandwiches was fulfilling a necessary gap. I set a reminder on my phone, so I could get there Day 1 and try it out. I apologize in advance for what can certainly be considered a more comprehensive much longer review, but there was a lot to be said for Untamed Sandwich.

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Untamed Braised Meat Sandwiches Opening Next Week

And now for a completely biased news post.

I am incredibly excited to tell you a friend of mine is opening a ML sandwich shop called Untamed on West 39th Street Tuesday, January 28. The menu is not totally finalized, but the focus is sustainable slow-braised meat sandwiches (with a vegetarian option or two). I have been told one of the items will be a cider braised pork butt sandwich with sharp cheddar, broccoli rabe, pepper jelly and mustard (test production pictured above). Yum, right? I promise to let you know more about the shop, and I also promise not to review it myself – we know I would only have nice things to say.

Untamed Sandwiches, 43 West 39th Street btwn 5th and 6th Avenues, (646) 669-9397