Untamed Increases the Size of Their Sandwiches

On Eater today Robert Sietsema weighs in on Untamed Sandwiches, the braised meats sandwich place we told you about a few weeks ago on 39th btw. 5+6th.  But even more interesting than his opinions was the comment the post generated from somebody at Untamed.  Apparently over the weekend they increased the size of their sandwiches to the point where there’s “no way you will still think that our sandwiches are too small.”  We’ll be the judge of that…


  • I guess I’m the only one who thought the size was just fine, I don’t need a giant meal for lunch, and big sandwiches tend to be a big mess, I say too bad, they were perfect, let the people needing footlongs go to Subway.

    • It’s not just the size that the complaints were about, but the size relative to the price. I haven’t gone so I can’t comment on the size to price ratio, but for $13 I would expect a big sandwich.

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      As was stated, $13 is too much money the initial size. A $16 oz. bottle of ketchup maybe a fine size for many, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend $10 for it. Just because you live and work in NYC doesn’t mean you HAVE to pay through the nose for everything.

  • Given that they increased the size TWO DAYS BEFORE Sietsema’s review came out, perhaps you should mention that MAYBE JUST MAYBE the original ML review and the commenters here caused the size increase? Especially since the Serious Eats review thought the size was just fine?

    Probably all due to my Big Butt rap y’know

  • Now Wayne, you know size doesn’t matter…..

  • That’s a pretty bold statement. theres “no way” you’ll think its too small? i’m pretty sure I could find a way…and lets hope there wasn’t a corresponding increase to the price with that size.

  • Ender likes to get ripped off. He’s no midtown luncher. He’d probably whine that a pasillos sub is too big. What a B!

  • Had the Zapata today (chicken). Unlike Sietsema, I thought it was amazing. Great flavor and the boost in size is appreciated. Well done Untamed.

  • It’s “Pisillos” Goats, a real Midtown Luncher would know that, especially one that posts about them constantly, and yes, their subs are too big for lunch.

    Num Pang makes small subs, for pretty much the same price, yet everyone loves them, the key is not huge portions, the key is a dynamic menu.

  • it is one thing to save half for later–another to actually complain that it is too big! WEAKSAUCE!

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