Your First Look at Untamed’s New Larger Sandwiches

Please excuse my lousy Photoshop job.

Our review of Untamed Sandwiches generated quite a bit of controversy. Many readers believed Untamed Sandwiches was charging too much for a sandwich that was just too small. This was something I touched on repeatedly in my review, and it was a hard fact to ignore when looking at Untamed as a daily lunch spot. It was so prevalent, in fact, that Eater’s very own Mr. Sietsema pointed out the high price and small quantity conundrum in his own review. At the bottom of that post, Andy, from Untamed Sandwiches commented to say that Untamed had responded to us the critics, and upgraded the size of their sandwiches accordingly (it was pointed out here). This meant I had to abandon my lunch plans for the day, and get to Untamed Sandwiches to see what sort of changes had been made.

There were a lot of comments that brought light to the fact that Untamed Sandwiches were small. While I tried to make it clear that this didn’t necessarily mean they weren’t filling, the pictures in the review said it all. My Grand Central Centennial MetroCard looked giant next to the sandwich. I also want to make it clear that I have absolutely no affiliation to Untamed Sandwiches whatsoever. Yes, another Midtown Lunch contributor might be friends with the owner, but I have never spoken to anyone from Untamed Sandwiches. Now…onto the sandwiches.

I got to Untamed and ordered the Hot Goldie, because quite honestly, that has been the best sandwich I’ve gotten from there so far. As I was waiting for my order, I was carefully observing the sandwiches people were bringing to their tables as their names were called. The larger size was obvious, and I was actually really impressed at how much bigger the sandwiches were. They didn’t look so much longer, but much, much wider. When my name was called, I grabbed my bag and fast-walked back to my office. The reveal, as with my first sandwich, was lackluster. It was then that I realized the wrapping of the sandwich when it’s ordered to-go really does condense the sandwich size. I’ll stop talking and get to the pictures now.

Upgraded Hot Goldie:

Old Hot Goldie:

Upgraded Hot Goldie:

Old The Butt:

So, the sandwiches certainly look bigger in the pictures, it’s not like going from a 6-inch to a footlong, but they are definitely larger. Where the size increase really becomes apparent is in the cross-section view.

Upgraded Hot Goldie:

Old Hot Goldie:

Upgraded Hot Goldie:

Old The Butt:

The sandwich definitely felt wider and more substantial. However, while the bread has gotten bigger, I can’t help but feel like the sandwich components have stayed the same. Towards the last 20-30% of each half, I was getting bites completely without meat.

Yes, I know this is nitpicking, but I’m here to report the truth and I couldn’t leave this picture out. All together, the sandwich sizes have increased and I was certainly satisfied after eating the sandwich. Sure, I went and got a bag of chips after, but that speaks more to my unhealthy appetite, and less to the size of the sandwiches at Untamed. It’s not often a restaurant will respond to the complaints of their customers in such an efficient and expedited manner. It’s great to know they are listening, and I respect their willingness to address some of the critiques.

I still don’t like to spend +$10 on my average lunch, but when I do feel like splurging, Untamed has earned a spot on my list as a great place to go for a sandwich. I’m sure this upgraded sandwich size won’t impress all of you, but I still urge everyone not to let my pictures have a negative impact on your willingness to try Untamed. Go there for yourself, try a sandwich, and see if you think it’s worth it. If not, let us know…maybe they’ll address our complaints once again.

Untamed Sandwiches, 43 West 39th (btw. 5+6th). 646-669-9397


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    I appreciate the idea for the post (though the insane amount of exposure for Untamed leaves a bad taste in my mouth — seems like Midtown Lunch is being “bought”), but can you please fix all the pictures?

    If we’re trying to make a size comparison, wouldn’t it make sense to put the “old” sandwich adjacent to the “new” one? How else can I make the visual comparison?

    Also – why wouldn’t you hold use the same angles for the comparative measurements? Based on what you’ve shown, the “old goldie” looks to have more meat than the new one.

    • I had a feeling this might be a problem. I tried to pair pictures together that were taken from the same angle, rather than based on the type of sandwich. I didn’t have a picture of the “old” Hot Goldie with a MetroCard, so I figured it made more sense to use the “old” The Butt with the MetroCard.

      Also, I believe the “old” Hot Goldie should look like it has more meat as I’m under the impression it’s the same amount of meat stuffed into a smaller sandwich.

      • As a reader, I appreciate the followup. However, I agree with bdawgxl that it was hard to follow the comparisons based on the pictures.

        Comparing the old The Butt to the new Hot Goldie, it looks like the Butt had more filling in it and is about the same size.

        I get that you’re doing this using your own money etc and maybe you weren’t in the mood for the Butt on your return trip, but for the sake of reporting, it might have been better to compare old vs new of the same sandwich.

      • So new larger sandwiches means a bigger piece of bread? Give me a fucking break.

    • yea seriously, the photos are annoying me. show me old/new, old/new…

  • Another f**in untamed review who gives a shit.

  • “I can’t help but feel like the sandwich components have stayed the same. Towards the last 20-30% of each half, I was getting bites completely without meat.”

    Not nit-picky at all. remember, they said that there is “no way” someone would call it small. its still “small” if the components are still the same, just bigger bread. please. and quite honestly, I see no difference in the cross section views of the old/new hot goldie.

  • enough with this untamed place! ML going from jumping the shark to very similar to the two word review Spinal Tap’s “Shark Sandwich” received…

  • Is this a joke?

  • Tomorrow: Midtown Lunch proudly presents “How the Untamed bread size change affected my post-lunch poop”

  • Welcome to the new Untamed Lunch website! Enjoy your stay.

    And this STILL is NOT a Midtown Lunch! I wonder when the next friend-of-a-ML-contributor will open up an overpriced food spot in the city. At least I can find comfort in knowing that there’s no way I will miss it here…

  • is there any more news regarding Untamed sandwiches? it’s been like three whole days since an update.

    • They have a spicy duck special sandwich this week … plan on trying it. Allegedly VERY hot.

      • Let us know how it affects your post-lunch poop

      • Have no fear, unlike the ML correspondents I report in full. Might even use a Metrocard for comparison.

        FYI, that sandwich was sold out today. But tomorrow I’ve already got one on reserve.

      • Had habernero duck sandwich (Ray Ray) today. Stomach full. Mouth on fire. Sphincter quivering. Very very good but the price is a bit too high. Worth a try once though for sure. Unique in that it is way spicy by default.

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    I work around the corner and went three times last week. It is expensive for what it is – but I think it is very good. I had the Ray Ray, Butt and Goldie. Personally the Goldie was the best, the meat was flavored well and nice quality. The Ray Ray was good, but not hot. I’m wondering if they forgot an ingredient (I can handle a strong spice). I would certainly recommend this place but it is expensive. With a bag of chips it is a solid meal for lunch, but that is another $2.50. The bread is good with a solid toast. The meat is fresh and the sandwich takes away decently. The place was packed on Friday – not so bad the other two days. I won’t go for a while, I’m over it but thought it was good enough to try three of their sandwiches. This is not a paid advertisement.

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