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Uncle Gussy’s Pastistio is Like an Awesome Greek Lasagna

Uncle Gussy's Truck

Fans of Uncle Gussy’s Truck know to stalk the Twitter Tracker to see what special owners Nick and Franky’s mom has made for the day. Lamb chops and pork chops are popular in the rotation (it’s hard to beat mom’s oven roasted lemon potatoes), but keep your eyes peeled for Pastistio.

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Uncle Gussy’s Serving Gemista & Baklava Today

Baklava photo courtesy of @emilyarupp

It was almost a year ago exactly that Uncle Gussy’s, the Greek truck on 51st and Park Ave., went from a cart to a truck. And despite the current turmoil they are vowing to stick it out. Part of the reason is the great specials the truck allows them to serve, like today’s gemista courtesy of the owner’s Aunt Georgia (that’s tomatoes stuffed with rice and ground beef.)  Oh, and they also have a fresh batch of baklava, which we’ve heard is the “best… ever”. Here’s hoping they have better luck than the Jamaican Dutchy, whose recent move to a truck has put them in a lunchtime purgatory of sorts. (They were spotted last week in Queens, and haven’t twittered at all this week.)

Uncle Gussy’s Makes Some Mighty Fine Pork Chops Too

Uncle Gussy's Truck

Whenever I find myself in the lunchtime doldrums, I hit up the ML Twitter Tracker. Yesterday I saw that Uncle Gussy’s was grilling up both lamb and pork chops and serving them with salad and their mom’s famous lemon potatoes. I enjoyed their lamb chops when they first rolled them out. How could I resist pork chops and lemon potatoes?

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Uncle Gussy’s Truck Shut Down By Lieutenant on a Mission

Terrible news from the Uncle Gussy’s camp… remember that Lieutenant that forced Schnitzel & Things off 46th Street a few weeks ago? Well it sounds like he’s finally made it over to Park Ave. Yesterday the Uncle Gussy’s Truck was forced from their spot Park Ave. and 51st by a Lieutenant Chicarello, who vowed to continue his crusade of riding the Midtown North precinct of all food trucks. Citing the law that prohibits food trucks from vending from any metered spot, Uncle Gussy’s owner Nick was given three tickets and told that if he wants to come back to Midtown he should resurrect his old street cart (he upgraded to a truck over the summer after seeing all the success of the new school vendors.)

Nick is looking into moving back into a cart as we speak- but in the meantime he has a bunch of food he’s bought and needs to get rid of. So tomorrow he plans on bringing the truck back to Park Ave. and 51st and giving away all the food for free during lunchtime. He figures that technically he’s not “vending” so it will be alright. We hope so! Either way, we’d check Twitter or the ML Twitter Tracker before heading out just to be sure.

As for what’s going to happen to the rest of the food trucks in Midtown… I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Uncle Gussy’s Makes a Mean Lamb Chop (And Their Other Specials Look Great)

I’ve been enthralled recently by the goings on at Uncle Gussy’s Truck (on 51st and Park). I had a lot of respect for the well thought out letter that Nick, one of the truck’s proprietors, wrote to ML about truck legality. And of course Jeremiah’s recent post about their souvlaki gave me lunch’er envy. But when I saw that they were grilling up lamb chops (yes, genuine lamb chops) over rice for a lunch special this week, that sealed the deal. I high tailed it over to midtown east to finally give them a try.
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Uncle Gussy’s is the O.G. Souvlaki Truck

I am eagerly anticipating the Midtown debut of the Souvlaki GR truck, this year’s Vendy Rookie of the Year winner. It seems like something truly unique in an increasingly varied Midtown street food scene. As it turns out though, someone is already serving up Greek pork souvlaki right here in Midtown… the old school, new look Uncle Gussy’s (on 51st and Park Ave.) As you know from the letter they sent us last week, Uncle Gussy’s has been in business for 39 years (Nick, the owner, took it over from his uncle- natch), and recently they upgraded to a truck that makes them look more new school.  Gussy’s chicken and lamb over rice failed to distinguish itself in Street Meat Palooza 3 (their first appearance) with a 12th place finish, but what we didn’t realize is they also serve souvlaki comparable to what you can get from the fabled Astoria vendors (his cousin Frank actually runs the famous souvlaki cart on Steinway).

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