46th is the Site of Latest Food Truck Crackdown

Last month it appeared as if 48th btw. 6+7th might be permanently off limits to food trucks, and today 46th Street btw. 5+6th is looking like it might meet the same fate. Both Schnitzel & Things and Street Sweets were kicked out of their spots on 46th today and told not to come back. We’re not sure if it was an isolated incident, or a permanent directive- but we’ve heard from tipsters that it was a police big wig (i.e. a Lieutenant) and not just a beat cop or the peddlers unit (who make it a daily ritual to hassle street vendors.) Schnitzel moved downtown, and Street Sweets moved over to 52nd and Lex. I guess we’ll see what happens tomorrow if and when Eddie’s Pizza tries to park in the same spot.


  • I swear if they take away 46th and 6th from me I’m going to post on the Internet about how upset it makes me.

  • the schnitz can stay downtown…3 tries and they got saltier every time…prbably tripled my sodium allowance in one meal.

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    While I was initially a huge supporter of the Schnitz, after seeing the way the owners conducted themselves in that feud with another truck a while back, I’ve never been able to hop back on the bandwagon and purchase their overpriced fare.

    However, if this is true, it’s a huge blow the the community. 46th btw 5th and 6th is my go-to spot for street food. You’ve got Moshe’s and Kim’s Aunt right there. These spots have been frequenting that territory for years, so I find it hard to believe that they will be forced out. If, for some reason, they are forced out, its a major loss.

  • I think the carts are safe. Its the trucks that get harrased for “parking illegally”.

  • Conspiracy theorists engage: Revenge of Council Member Lappin?

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