Uncle Gussy’s Makes Some Mighty Fine Pork Chops Too

Uncle Gussy's Truck

Whenever I find myself in the lunchtime doldrums, I hit up the ML Twitter Tracker. Yesterday I saw that Uncle Gussy’s was grilling up both lamb and pork chops and serving them with salad and their mom’s famous lemon potatoes. I enjoyed their lamb chops when they first rolled them out. How could I resist pork chops and lemon potatoes?

First some good news…Uncle Gussy’s is back in action in their regular spot on 51st and Park and in their truck. Seems that the ticketing cop kerfuffle has died down and hopefully the vigilante officer will leave midtown lunchers and the trucks that serve us in peace.

Pork Chop and Potatoes Special from Uncle Gussy's

For those who balked at $10 for a lunchtime lamb chop special (which I still contend is a pretty good deal for real lamb chops) the $8.50 pork chop special might be more your speed. The pork (marinated by Nick’s mom, natch) was tender and flavorful (think lots of garlic, olive oil, lemon and oregano). The same could be said about the lemon potatoes–melt in your mouth good. You can get it with tzatziki and hot sauce on the side, but you don’t need it; these chops and potatoes stand on their own and make for a filling lunch.

Oh, and there’s more good news.  Homemade soups, also courtesy of Nick’s Mom, are on the way.

Uncle Gussy’s, SE Corner of 51st+Park

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