Uncle Gussy’s Serving Gemista & Baklava Today

Baklava photo courtesy of @emilyarupp

It was almost a year ago exactly that Uncle Gussy’s, the Greek truck on 51st and Park Ave., went from a cart to a truck. And despite the current turmoil they are vowing to stick it out. Part of the reason is the great specials the truck allows them to serve, like today’s gemista courtesy of the owner’s Aunt Georgia (that’s tomatoes stuffed with rice and ground beef.) ¬†Oh, and they also have a fresh batch of baklava, which we’ve heard is the “best… ever”. Here’s hoping they have better luck than the Jamaican Dutchy, whose recent move to a truck has put them in a lunchtime purgatory of sorts. (They were spotted last week in Queens, and haven’t twittered at all this week.)

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