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Super Dumpling Does More Than Just Dumplings

Super Dumplings After my initial meal at Super Dumpling, I knew I would return for more even though their dumplings were not as good as the ones from Chinatown. I was very much interested in their dumpling combos like dumplings with noodles or dumplings with General Tso’s chicken or even dumplings with mango salad (yeah I’m not so sure about this combo). A good chunk of their combos are only couple bucks more than getting just the dumplings and that sounded like a good deal. And who doesn’t like a good deal?

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Super Dumpling Pops Up in the Old Prince Grill Space

Super Dumpling

A little over a year ago we reported that Prince Grill (formerly known as Prince Deli) had moved to a new location (45th btw 2nd+3rd). We were pretty happy that we would still get the chance to eat their famous falafel, though somehow along the way they closed. But then recently as I was walking back to work after scoring some ramps at the Dag Hammarskjold farmers market on 47th and 2nd, I noticed that Super Dumpling has opened for business. Well, I’m always down for dumplings…

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