Super Dumpling Pops Up in the Old Prince Grill Space

Super Dumpling

A little over a year ago we reported that Prince Grill (formerly known as Prince Deli) had moved to a new location (45th btw 2nd+3rd). We were pretty happy that we would still get the chance to eat their famous falafel, though somehow along the way they closed. But then recently as I was walking back to work after scoring some ramps at the Dag Hammarskjold farmers market on 47th and 2nd, I noticed that Super Dumpling has opened for business. Well, I’m always down for dumplings…

Super Dumpling

Unlike Rickshaw Dumpling (45th and Lex), which is the closest dumpling competition, Super Dumpling is more like the local hole-in-the-wall dumpling places you’ll find in Chinatown.

Super Dumpling

I got an order of fried pork dumplings, which come 6 to an order for $4.95. Packed with pork or basically a pork ball, the dumplings were fried till golden and crispy on one side and then soft and doughy on the other. The dumpling skin was the thin type used in all the dumpling places in Chinatown.

Super Dumpling

While these dumplings weren’t as good (or as cheap!) as the dumplings from my favorite spot, Prosperity Dumpling, in Chinatown, they did win me over with a free container of chili sauce (the really hot stuff). As for the rest of the menu they have your typical chicken, veggie and seafood dumplings and for a dollar more you can add (dry or in a soup) noodles to your dumplings. Then for couple bucks more you can fried rice, lo mein, mango salad (YES mango salad and dumplings) or mapo tofu.

So will Super Dumpling be the new hot spot for dumplings and should Rickshaw Dumpling be afraid? Most likely not. But those of us who have always wanted a hole in the wall Chinatown style dumpling place in Midtown should be pretty excited. Hopefully Super Dumpling will stick around longer than Prince Deli!

Super Dumpling, 251 E. 45th St btw 2nd + 3rd Ave. 212-808-9388


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    The mascot is very similar to Plump Dumpling.

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    Anyone have any input for dumps in Midtown West? I don’t really have the time on my lunch break to head over that far East. Anything on the less expensive side?

    • Your best bet is Rickshaw if their spot in Times Square is open… which is really, really sad because Times Square. Also, TBH, Rickshaw’s dumplings were just kinda meh.

      Lunch Box Cafe on 34th by 8th might be a good bet – I’ve seen real-looking dumplings in their steam tables. Given their steamed fluffy buns and noodle soup, this might be your best bet. I’ve had decent xiao long bao from Evergreen 38 if you wanna take a shot at soup dumplings, but I have yet to see a spot a la Fried Dumplings on Mosco here in Midtown.

      Ying Du/Ming Du on 38th may also be worth a check. I haven’t been there in a while but they’re a real Chinese lunch place and may well do dumplings if you ask, or know a few words in Cantonese.

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        34th and 8th isn’t too far from my office. I’m 2 blocks north of Herald Square so I’ll try that place of the one on 38th. Thanks for the input MJP.

  • Why couldn’t there be a street cart that does six dumplings for two dollars?

  • I wish everyone would pipe down about ramps.

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    Went there today. They’re not quite ready for MLers. Botched my order.

    Rickshaw has nothing to worry about.

  • The color of the dumpling showing its crispy side in the foil pan is somewhat past “golden.”

  • Hey, I just walked past there, and when I stopped to pick up a menu, the owner came out to say hello. He remembered me when I used to eat at the original location (still open) in the East Village! Ignore my previous comment. I think the food is fine, based on prior experience, but the only particularly special item I found there is the curry dumpling noodle soup, which is very spicy.

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