Super Dumpling Does More Than Just Dumplings

Super Dumplings After my initial meal at Super Dumpling, I knew I would return for more even though their dumplings were not as good as the ones from Chinatown. I was very much interested in their dumpling combos like dumplings with noodles or dumplings with General Tso’s chicken or even dumplings with mango salad (yeah I’m not so sure about this combo). A good chunk of their combos are only couple bucks more than getting just the dumplings and that sounded like a good deal. And who doesn’t like a good deal?

For $5.95 you can have your fried or steamed dumplings with dry or soupy noodles (you get four different style of noodles to choose from lo mein, thin Cantonese noodles, rice noodles and flat rice noodles). I opted for the fried chicken dumplings with dry flat rice noodles. Nowhere on the menu does it say if the dry noodles came with sauce or if the noodles were flavored in any way. Plain noodles sounded boring to me so I grabbed packets of soy sauce before leaving just in case I needed to add some flavors to the noodles.


I was surprised to see what was in the container when I took it out of the bag. Noodles soaking in sauce with the dumplings sitting on top was not what I had in mind. With the dumplings sitting on top, it made it quite difficult to get to the noodles. And by the time I got to the noodles they had pretty much soaked up the sauce (which tasted like soy sauce with a little bit of oyster sauce) and ended up scooping them out with a spoon instead. With that little annoyance aside, this wasn’t too bad and once again it came with a tiny container of chili paste in case I wanted to spice it up.


Another dish I tried was the curry dumpling (pork) noodle soup for $7.35. The nice shiny red liquid really (REALLY) scared me. Will it burn a hole in my stomach?


Once again the noodles were packed to the bottom but they used lo mein which doesn’t get soft as quick as the flat rice noodles and I was able to easily get to them with my chopsticks. The curry flavor in the soup was a bit weak but what it lacked in curry flavor it made up for it with the level of spiciness. I had to take breaks because it was burning my mouth and I was sweating all over. If you’re into a different kind of spicy, they also have a list of tom yum noodle soups all for $7.35.

For my fourth visit, I took a break from eating their dumplings and concentrated on their lunch special menu. Even though they’re a dumpling house, they also offer dishes you would normally find at places like Hop Won. And going down the list of dishes on their lunch menu, I noticed they had the double cooked pork (you can also get chicken instead of pork) and you know how I feel about double cooked pork.


For $7 the lunch came with a hot and sour soup loaded with lots of vegetables. Similar to the double cooked pork dish I had at Joe’s Shanghai, Super Dumpling’s version was loaded with bell peppers and other unnecessary vegetables.


But Super Dumpling’s version did use some very tender and big pieces of pork that were not too dry or too fatty. They also did not skim on the amount of pork in the dish either. For $7, this was a pretty good deal. The soup, the rice and the pork all kept me full till dinner time which doesn’t happen a lot.

Super Dumpling may not have the best dumplings or have the best double cooked pork but it’s a pretty darn good spot to grab a little bit of everything (dumplings, peanut dumplings for dessert, noodles in a tom yum broth, broccoli and chicken, fried pork chop over rice and many of our favorite Chinese dishes). Where else are you going to get dumplings with a side of mango salad (yeah I can’t seem to forget about it and I may just have to try it for the sake of research).

Super Dumpling, 251 E. 45th St btw 2nd + 3rd Ave. 212-808-9388


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