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Groupon Makes Schnitzel Express ML-able: If you love Schnitzel Express but don't love the fact that the cheapest individual schnitzel is above the Midtown Lunch $10 global limit, it's Groupon to the rescue. They're running a deal to get $20 worth of Schnitzel Express chow for $10 today. Granted, you have to use it all in one visit, but that's enough for a full lunch and then some. It's not a terrible deal, and in fact it's actually pretty good - at least now it's good at their asking price. (My advice: get the Greek, the fresh garlic is aMAYzing)

Schnitzel Express is Open & Serving 8 Kinds of Schnitzel

Schnitzel Express

Yesterday Lunch’er “Cardy” sent word that Schnitzel Express (on 39th btw. B’way+6th) is now open. Not much has changed about the space since it was City Burger- including the prices, which are a tad bit high. The schnitzel is pretty expensive at $9.98 at pop, although the saving grace might be the number of options. Their menu features 8 different kinds of schnitzel, from classic to Greek (fresh cut garlic), oriental (sesame seeds) to “American” (which is crusted with corn flakes). I’m also intrigued by their “home fries” which are made from a mix of regular and sweet potatoes- but at $4, that would make lunch $14 (waaaaay too much!)

Lunch’er “Cardy” had this to say about his meal: “It was actually a pretty good sandwich – tasty, nice size, good bread – but not really worth $11 unless you care that it’s kosher.”

Schnitzel Express, 1410 Broadway (on 39th btw. B’way+6th), 212-997-7770

New Location Updates: Maoz, Schnitzel Express, & Five Guys


The fancy signage has gone up for Schnitzel Express, the fast food Glatt Kosher replacing City Burger on 39th just east of Broadway. It doesn’t look like much is being done to the interior, so they hope to be open in a week and a half to two weeks. Of course this news is much less exciting now that the Schnitzel & Things truck appears to be spending Mondays and Tuesdays in Midtown.

As for the new locations of Maoz Vegetarian and Five Guys, those look like they will take a bit longer. Photos and estimated dates, are after the jump.

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