Schnitzel Express is Open & Serving 8 Kinds of Schnitzel

Schnitzel Express

Yesterday Lunch’er “Cardy” sent word that Schnitzel Express (on 39th btw. B’way+6th) is now open. Not much has changed about the space since it was City Burger- including the prices, which are a tad bit high. The schnitzel is pretty expensive at $9.98 at pop, although the saving grace might be the number of options. Their menu features 8 different kinds of schnitzel, from classic to Greek (fresh cut garlic), oriental (sesame seeds) to “American” (which is crusted with corn flakes). I’m also intrigued by their “home fries” which are made from a mix of regular and sweet potatoes- but at $4, that would make lunch $14 (waaaaay too much!)

Lunch’er “Cardy” had this to say about his meal: “It was actually a pretty good sandwich – tasty, nice size, good bread – but not really worth $11 unless you care that it’s kosher.”

Schnitzel Express, 1410 Broadway (on 39th btw. B’way+6th), 212-997-7770


  • So I guess Pork isn’t an option?

    I wonder what would happen if the Schnitzel & Things truck parked outside?

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    is it just me, or is there a bit of a schnitzel obsession going on? i never eve heard the mention of it other than as a joke word in cartoons until i started reading this site, now its every other day :-P

  • schnitzel is the new bahn mi

  • Now we wait for the shills to come on and talk about how for the quality of the food, $14 is a steal!

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    a BIG FAT MEH for the food. Had it yesterday. 14$ for a sandwich and fries. Chicken wasn’t thin, was pretty dry and they forgot my sauces. Cajun fries had zero spice. 6 people behind the counter and they’re still slow. I guess some is opening week issues, but I wont be going back.

  • I recently ate here and thought it was quite tasty. The prices are about $3 too high, but that’s standard for kosher food. The schnitzel I had was nice and spicy! I covered it in more detail here:

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