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And Now It’s Gone…

Sad news for those of you who thought that Pop Tarts World Cafe would be open through February. According to Newyorkology it closed on December 31th… just a week too late to be included in our saddest losses of 2010 reader’s poll. [via Eater]

Pop Tarts World To Become Public Plaza: When Pop Tarts World, on 42nd btw. B'way+6th closes in February (sorry if you didn't realize that pop tarts sushi was only a temporary phenomenon) it is going to be replaced by a three story retail building with more public space for us Midtown Lunchers. Also noted in the same article... Anthos is becoming a steakhouse. [NYP via Eater]

Pop Tarts Cafe Serves Some Serious Eats (?)

Lord, we want to stop talking about the new Pop Tarts Cafe that opened yesterday in Times Square but we just can’t bring ourselves to do it! It’s just too damn intriguing. The latest? As an encore to their review of Taco Bell’s Catina Tacos, Serious Eats tried every…single…item… on the Pop Tarts Cafe menu. Their verdict? It’s all pretty terrible… a conclusion they probably could have come to without spending the $40+. They should have had PR people send over free samples, like Gothamist did. Thanks to both websites for saving us from eating this garbage… (you know it’s bad when Gawker’s faux Pop Tarts ideas sound more appetizing than the real thing.)

Photo courtesy of Lunch’er “johnnybgood115″

Your First Look at Pop Tarts Sushi

If you were sitting at breakfast this morning, eating your Pop Tart, thinking “Man, if only they made this in sushi form” today is your lucky day! Pop Tarts World officially opens today (on 42nd btw. B’way+6th), and if you thought this was just going to be another M&M’s World- guess again. The ingenuity of today’s modern “food” conglomerates knows no boundary. Feast your eyes on Eater’s preview of the space, the menu in the cafe, and (of course) Pop Tarts Sushi. UPDATE: And that’s not all… they’re giving out free pop tarts until Noon.

Pop Tarts World Is Now Open?: Today's New York Times has a ton more info on that Pop Tarts craziness opening tomorrow on 42nd btw 6th+B'way.  Apparently it will have a cafe serving pop tarts sushi ("three kinds of Pop-Tarts minced and then wrapped in a fruit roll-up") and sandwiches ("marshmallow spread sandwiched between two Pop-Tarts frosted fudge pastries".) Wow. Just... wow.  [via Eater] UPDATE IN THE COMMENTS: Apparently it's already open...

Pop Tarts Cafe Coming to Times Square: Please accept our humblest apologies for waiting almost 3 days to tell you about this one! On Monday Eater reported that on August 10th Times Square will be getting its very own "Pop Tarts World Cafe". Can't decide whether we should be excited, or terrified... either way, we thought you'd want to know.