Pop Tarts Cafe Serves Some Serious Eats (?)

Lord, we want to stop talking about the new Pop Tarts Cafe that opened yesterday in Times Square but we just can’t bring ourselves to do it! It’s just too damn intriguing. The latest? As an encore to their review of Taco Bell’s Catina Tacos, Serious Eats tried every…single…item… on the Pop Tarts Cafe menu. Their verdict? It’s all pretty terrible… a conclusion they probably could have come to without spending the $40+. They should have had PR people send over free samples, like Gothamist did. Thanks to both websites for saving us from eating this garbage… (you know it’s bad when Gawker’s faux Pop Tarts ideas sound more appetizing than the real thing.)

Photo courtesy of Lunch’er “johnnybgood115″


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