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Mac Truck Serves Some Serious Specials And They Sell Out Fast!

When Rachel stopped by the new Mac Truck during their first week out, she played it traditional by trying their regular mac and cheese. She noted the temptation of the buffalo chicken mac and cheese. It sounded like an obvious combo, but not one I’ve encountered before. When I discovered the yellow truck parked among the likes of Seoul Food and Jianetto’s on 47th Street last week, I thought I’d give it a try.

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Your First Look At the New Mac Truck

After a tricky day in Midtown earlier in the week, Mac Truck didn’t give up and returned later in the week, selling mac and cheese on 45th, just east of Fifth Avenue. It appears to be a one-man operation, and the guy running the show was pretty stoked to be in Midtown. Although this was just his first week out, and we all know first weeks can be bumpy, I couldn’t wait to check out the truck. Who doesn’t love mac and cheese?!
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At Lunch Now: Midtown Gets its First Taste of the Mac Truck

After a rough time of it yesterday, Mac Truck returned to Midtown today, parking on 45th, just east of Fifth Avenue. Midtown Lunch’er hungry was on the scene and has been commenting on the buffalo mac n cheese (today’s special) in the comments from yesterday’s post. Anyone else check it out yet? Join the conversation in yesterday’s comments!