Mac Truck Parking in Midtown East Today

Thanks to Wined and Dined for pointing this one out to us via twitter… the “Mac Truck” is parked on 55th btw. Park+Madison today. Nothing on their website yet, so early adopters let us know how it is in the comments.  Also on the Twitter Tracker today, Okadaman is on 47th btw Mad+Park, Toum is on 47th btw. Park+Vanderbilt, Hibachi Heaven is on 46th & 6th, Phil’s Steaks is on 45th & Madison, Cinnamon Snail is on 55th & Broadway, Crisp on Wheels is on 53rd btw. Park+Madison, Domo Taco is on 47th & Park, Kimchi Truck is on 55th btw. 6+7th, Mexicue is on 47th & Lex, and Red Hook Lobster Pound Truck is on 40th & 5th next to the NYPL.  UPDATE: Of course the Mac Truck got kicked out of their spot on 55th. We’ve added them to the ML Twitter Tracker so use that to keep tabs on their new location.


  • i find it weird that on their facebook page they have like 100 pictures and NONE of them are of their food…I tried asking them to post some pics of their food over an hour ago and still nothing…very suspect to me, but obviously i’m hope i’m wrong, as who doesn’t love a good mac n’ cheese?

  • Eating this right now. Regular mac is $6. You get about 1.5-2 cups of food. Pasta is al dente and sauce is cheesy but not very rich. Not sure if he uses a roux or not. Also, some spices in it that I can’t identify (not neccesarily a bad thing). The buffalo chicken mac & cheese (special – $7) offers the same amount. The gournd chicken and buffalo sauce sits on top of the regular mac with pungent blue cheese. I don’t have room to mix it together but if I eat on one side, I get enough room to mix it. The buffalo sauce is not spicy at all. More sweet.

    There is a combo for $8 which include regular mac, salad (today was tomato) or chips, and a drink. With special mac, it’s $9.

    The guy spent the truck in Saratoga Spring all summer and trying NYC for the first time. Oh, and he’s looking for people to help him since it’s only a one man show right now. Needs food truck vending badge/license etc.

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    Had the “Mac & Cheese of the Moment” which (today) was Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese. Scooped out of a large pot (seemingly placed on a burner) the mac & cheese was added to a styrofoam (:/) container (about 1.5 cups), which was then topped with ground chicken mixed with buffalo sauce and finished with a nice portion of blue cheese (not too much where it was overpowering, which can easily happen) and fresh cracked black pepper (out of a wood pepper mill). The cheese sauce was good and the overall dish was not clumpy, but slightly creamy. It had a little bite (presumably from the buffalo sauce), but I wouldn’t call it spicy. I do love a creamy mac & cheese with a crispy top, but from a truck this worked. There was a nice balance between all ingredients and there wasn’t too much of any one. In my opinion, for $7.50 this a full lunch that won’t leave you hungry. Overall, I give it a thumb’s up.

    There’s also a regular mac & chesses for $6 and mac & cheese bites (the mini-fried balls) for $5, which seemed to have different sauces (“condiments”) to choose from. Apparently, this is the truck’s fourth day on the street and one guy works it – he seemed energetic and excited. The truck was parked on 45th btwn 5th & Mad (across the street from dishes). I asked if this would be his regular spot and he said he hopes so, but wasn’t sure if he would get kicked out to another spot or not.

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