Mac Truck Serves Some Serious Specials And They Sell Out Fast!

When Rachel stopped by the new Mac Truck during their first week out, she played it traditional by trying their regular mac and cheese. She noted the temptation of the buffalo chicken mac and cheese. It sounded like an obvious combo, but not one I’ve encountered before. When I discovered the yellow truck parked among the likes of Seoul Food and Jianetto’s on 47th Street last week, I thought I’d give it a try.

The line moved rather briskly and while waiting I perused the menu of specials. It seems the options have expanded since Rachel’s visit and the buffalo chicken was not the only one that sounded enticing. Pulled pork with mac and cheese? Yes, please!

My excitement waned as I heard the guy on the truck tell the people ahead of me that he had sold out of all the specials except for the Cheeseburger. I was bit disappointed, but he made up for it when he told me he’d give it to me for $5 (that’s a $3 savings for a small!) Score!

As for additional condiments, I asked what he recommended and for no extra charge, I got some bread crumbs sprinkled on top and a squeeze of their spicy mayo sauce. The small cup was a decent size (especially for 5 bucks), but I would have been disappointed if I had paid the full $8. It’s rich and mighty tasty, but I don’t think it qualifies for a filling lunch on its own.

The flavors were spot-on! As Rachel mentioned, the pasta is cooked properly and the gooey cheese sauce had a nice sharp tang. Here, the ground meat brought a seasoned meatiness to the pasta and the (not too) spicy mayo added some zing. My favorite part of mac and cheese is usually the baked crust on top. These styrofoam cups don’t allow for that, however with the addition of bread crumbs, it’s a similar idea. And these toasty crunchy bits sealed the deal with the “cheese burger” experience making for a textural contrast.

There’s still more to try here and I’ll definitely be back. With the addition of a larger portion size and some new specials since they first launched, I can tell the Mac Truck has already made some strides and is shaping up to be a solid food truck option in Midtown. They hang out on 47th between Park and Madison towards the end of the week. Check them out at their Twitter feed or the ML Twitter Tracker.

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  • Tried the mac and cheese with ground beef today. It’s a very heavy meal. Probably better shared. Still, the mac was cheesy and enjoyable just like me.

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