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99¢ Fresh Pizza (Expands its Mini Empire!!!)

There are some things that are such an awesome deal they supercede quality.  In fact the occurance is so rare, that when you find the deal, you are so excited, you forget what the thing you’re eating even tastes like.  The under $10 buffet.  Steak & Eggs in Vegas.  Taco Bell in the old days.  And of course… 99 cent pizza.  Pizza is everywhere in New York.  Good pizza is everywhere in New York.  But you never see a slice below $2.  And in Midtown, the price is sometimes jacked up to a ridiculous $2.50 a slice.  Nevermind wanting toppings or a drink.  The pizza is good… but a lunch ends up costing you $7… for pizza.  Enter 99¢ Fresh Pizza to save the day!

Anyone who has ever been behind the Port Authority on 9th Avenue has seen the 99¢ pizza place.  Always open, and always a line- this window churns out cheese pizza slices like nobody’s business.  The slices are hot, fresh, and for 99 cents a real steal.  Living in Hell’s Kitchen, and shopping at the various markets down there I’ve partaken in the 99¢ pizza many times, usually as a post grocery shopping snack.  In fact it has spawned a snack or meal argument between my wife and I on numerous occasions.  My claim… “If something costs $1 (i.e. a slice of pizza), it is automatically a snack”.  Her claim… “You are a fat bastard.”

Well, on Monday I was excited to find out that 99¢ Fresh Pizza has expanded East, opening a new location next to Grand Central Terminal, on 43rd St. btw. 3rd & Lex.  Pics of the pie and the +/- after the jump.

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It’s been a few months since I last ate at Chipotle, and the craving for a burrito is back in full force.  “I could really use a burrito.  I’m sure Chipotle is not as bad as I remember it!  Look at the gigantic lines!  Everybody loves Chipotle… i’m sure it will be delicious!”  Luckily my original post serves as a reminder of how I feel (“Free Chipotle is the only good Chipotle“), and I decided instead to hit up Burritoville with a friend from work.

I tried Burritoville once before (the one on 9th ave.), when I first moved here from L.A.  Seeking a substitute for the burritos I could get on the west coast, I knew I wasn’t going to replace the real deal authentic burritos- but I was at least hoping to find a replacement for Baja Fresh (My go-to work lunch in L.A.  There was one across the street from my office, and I probably ate there 2-3 times a week). 

At the one on 9th ave. I got the “Holy Mole” burrito, and was pretty underwhelmed.  It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t great.  I probably should have known that I wasn’t going to get a great mole from a place that felt the need to add funny names to their burritos.  I remember thinking “This place isn’t that bad.  I probably am disappointed because I just moved here, and I’m used to the good stuff.”

With that in mind, I returned to Burritoville- hoping to find a Chipotle substitute for when my Burrito addiction rears it’s ugly head.  Pictures, and the +/- after the jump…

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