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Island Burgers and Shakes has a Large Menu of Large Burgers

I’ve eaten a lot of burgers in my day and I’ve seen ‘em come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. I like the thin, round burgers (like Steak and Shake) and the slightly thicker, crumblier ones (think Five Guys and Shake Shack), but oftentimes I feel the most satisfying burgers are just the big, fat ones. I’m talking about the kind of burger that you wouldn’t dare order as a double. Ladies and gentlemen, Island Burgers and Shakes happens to make big, fat burgers and they happen to be delicious.

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Island Burgers and Shakes has Fries Worth the Walk Out of Bounds

Island Burgers
Island Burgers & Shakes has been a go-to Hell’s Kitchen spot for me for going on 10 years. The back of their menu has always had this long explanation about how their kitchen is too tiny and the electricity to run the fryer/bring the space up to code would cost a fortune so they only serve bagged chips and baked potatoes. Back in January we reported that they finally started serving fries, but I only recently had a chance to go check it out in person. Read more »