Island Burgers and Shakes has Fries Worth the Walk Out of Bounds

Island Burgers
Island Burgers & Shakes has been a go-to Hell’s Kitchen spot for me for going on 10 years. The back of their menu has always had this long explanation about how their kitchen is too tiny and the electricity to run the fryer/bring the space up to code would cost a fortune so they only serve bagged chips and baked potatoes. Back in January we reported that they finally started serving fries, but I only recently had a chance to go check it out in person.

Island Burger Fries
After fifteen years of build up, I had great expectations for these fries ($3.75) and I’m pleased to say Island Burgers delivered. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, hot from the very expensive fryer, and perfectly salted (and peppered) these fries were definitely worth the walk.

Island Burger Chocolate Malt Shake
Also worth the walk in my book: their super thick chocolate malt shake ($5.50). If you love your shake extra thick, this is the place to go.

Island Burger Stimulus Special
The unfortunate thing about Island Burgers is that your tab can start adding up quickly. Burgers start at $8 and go up to $12.50. Add a shake and fries to that and you could be spending close to $20 on lunch. They do, however, have a cash only, $10 “Stimulus” special: Hamburger/cheeseburger + chips + soda or Schlitz for those of you unwilling to break the ML price boundaries.  I don’t think I can live without the fries…

Island Burgers & Shakes, 766 9th Avenue Btwn 51st & 52nd Streets, (212) 307-7934


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    How can you idiots write a review on a place called Island BURGERS and not have a picture/review on a burger? I could care less about your review on fries and a shake.

    • Cause its a review about the fries…

      Maybe you just read it too fast because after reading this review about awesome fries, I understood the insinuation that the burgers are very good as well…otherwise…why would it be a “go-to Hell’s Kitchen spot for me for going on 10 years” before they even had fries? ..but that’s just my guess (i think reviewing the burger would have taken away from the main story here which is the fact that the fries this HK institution started serving earlier this year are awesome, if you want details about the burger, just google it, but i could care less if you’re satisfied)

      • I think you mean to say you “couldn’t care less…”

      • stevenp, “could care less” is an American colloquialism, slang if you will, whereby the meaning is synonymous with “couldn’t care less”. It is one of those many examples that makes the English (American) language so difficult to grasp for non-native American English speaking persons.

  • Island Burger is great. They used to only have potato chips. I’d love to visit but they are really too far away.

  • lmao @ idiots plural.

  • Man, the one time I stop working at UWS, they decide to open up shop there. First Mexicue opens up near my old school, and now this?! Manhattan, why must you tease me so?

    On a second note, that Stimulus special arouses my cheap interests. I might make a detour in that direction.

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