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Fresco on the Go Has a Crazy Ass Chicken Parm


As much as I can’t stand the generic Midtown delis (you know the spot… sandwiches + build your own salads + Snapple) I still find myself drawn into them every once in awhile. Sometimes it’ll be for Korean food, or mandoo (also Korean food), or a bulgogi sandwich (hmmm… I suppose that’s Korean food as well.) Ok, so usually it’s for Korean food. But I’ve also partaken in Mongolian BBQ, a terrible hamburger, and the Rolly Wrap (R.I.P.)  In other words, if a deli is doing something interesting, I won’t hesitate to dive right in.

Such is the case with Fresco on the Go (the takeout arm of the fancier Fresco by Scotto restaurant next door.)

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