Madeline Cafe’s New Korean BBQ Steak Sandwich


I was planning on eating at the newly opened Lan Sheng yesterday (on 39th btw. B’way+6th), but found myself drawn instead into Madeline’s- the very good catering company/lunch spot on the same block that I wrote about last April.  I won’t lie, a specials sign touting a steak sandwich probably wouldn’t have registered a reaction;  but a “Korean BBQ Steak Sandwich” and I’m in. (What can I say, it’s not just Asian soups I’m addicted to.  It’s Asian everything.)

At $6.50, the sandwich is just like everything else at Madeline’s- slightly cheaper than you would expect.  In Midtown, where overcharging is considered part of the accepted economic landscape, it’s refreshing to find a place that makes you feel like you’re getting a good deal without sacrificing quality.  It’s why I love Madeline’s so much, over other similar places, serving the same kind of food.


It’s always going to be a crap shoot ordering ethnic food at a generic deli/catering company specializing in American fare, but I was pleasantly surprised.  The beef was nice tender slices of bulgogi, sauteed with mushrooms, peppers and onions, and served on a nicely toasted ciabatta roll. Think of it as a hot steak sandwich, with a slightly sweet Korean bbq flavor, and you won’t be disappointed.  Ask for it spicy, and the guy cooking the bulgogi on the mini electric griddle behind the counter will give the meat a nice squirt of sriracha.  It makes for a pleasant burn that builds as you make your way through the sandwich.  You can add cheese (I think mozzarella) for 50 cents, but the Italian style mushrooms, onions and peppers were as a far as I wanted to stray from traditional bulgogi.

With Koreatown only 7 blocks away, a bulgogi sandwich from a catering company could have easily ended up being a tough sell- and I’ve been burned by bulgogi sandwich in the past.  But Madeline’s nails it with this one, and I would definitely go back for another (and another.)

Madeline’s is a Signifant Upgrade from Six-0 Catering


  • “What can I say, it’s not just Asian soups I’m addicted to. It’s Asian everything.”

    Someone should warn Zach’s wife about his yellow fever…

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    They are all out of Korean BBQ today! They promised to have it back tomorrow. But save yourself the trip if that is what you were going for…

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    Just came back from there – they’ve had at least 10 people stop by today asking for the Korean steak sandwich. Some cock-up with the caterers this morning, apparently.

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    @ Magicube: nice Reggie reference.

    Too bad Wayne isn’t here to see it, probably put off by the over-zealous editing of late, and yet Fred still posts. Go figure.

  • no korean bbq sandwich today(or at least not advertised)

    got a chicken burrito. not bad came with chips, salsa, guac. all for $5 and change.

  • GOODNESSS….I eat here all the time and today there was a line of people ordering this sandwich…what once was my little lunch place that no-one else went to has become a hot spot..I don’t mind I like the people who work there….good for them.

  • I’ve got to try this out soon!!

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